Thank You

Eye honestly never knew this day would come

But eye once asked God what should be done

When eye was down and blue

And she answered to me

In the voice of you

You said 

" I can't hurt you anymore, don't be mad"

Eye can't even believe it, it felt so bad

But baby please know that eye understood

You said

"Jill you gotta go ahead and find you a nigga that will treat you good."

Eye never thought this of you

So sincere and so kind

It honestly blew my mind

For so long eye accepted what we did

As being okay

You would know my flesh for a day

Then be gone for weeks, for months

Even a year

But you would eventually come back

This eye knew very clear

Eye would wait for you on hand and foot

And only one phone call was all it took

My heart in your hands is where eye foolishly placed it

And for a while you humored me and embraced it

But no, not any longer

" I care for you, but I love her"

Your words sent my emotions into a blur

Just like a wild animal running mad

Starving from hunger

It took me so long to realize this is what eye needed

God truely listened to me as eye pleaded

Thank you so much for answering my plea

Thank you so much my love for setting me free

For years my heart and thoughts belonged to you

And for years eye asked myself

"What is it really that eye should do? How do eye release myself?"

But no longer need eye wondered

"Why do I treat you like this?"

Is the question that you began to ponder

Its like a voice whispered to you and said

"Stop hurting her, stop using her my Son."

And so you solemnly declared

"Eye will not hurt you anymore."

My heart you have spared

"Why do you keep coming back to me?"

Is where the conversation strayed

"We can't do this anymore"

And like a dog, eye humbly obeyed

"You have more feelings for me than eye do for you."

It hurt so much that what you said was nothing but truth

When your words left your lips

They tore through my soul

Left my heart feeling faint as if it was

Pierced and staked onto the pole of misfortune

As that remained in my cavity was an empty hole


"Do understand that I care for you"

Is what you said again

" I could have continued to play you, or just sent this all through a text."


My soul shall no longer be tortured

Thank you so much! This is what eye needed


And now from my soul, eye shall glow with peace

At first eye was flat on my back

But now eye am on my feet

Thank you again for setting me free

Baba Di

Eye am not upset, no longer mislead

Down this evil path, eye will no longer tread

When you set me free

At first eye was stuck

Confused and miscontrued

My heart getting cold me not giving a fuck

Always sad and never in the mood to live

It took a long time for myself to be found

My mind was stubbornly rooted into the ground

As eye kept replaying the sound

Of your sweet, comforting voice

And eye honestly admire your choice

As being a man

And allowing me to understand

Genuine care

And at times, eye still don't know what to do

When for so long all eye wanted to know was you

But now eye just want to be loved for me

For who eye am

And on this Earth

God has placed my man

This eye can now say and understand

But first before anything

Eye must love and respect myself

Let my man place on my finger a wedding ring

Eye will no longer allow myslef to be on the sideline

Or be devestated by the month of nine

With a little you

That will grow and do the things that

You and eye do

No no No

This will not happen, not eye!

Eye will free myself of this sinful thirst

Eye will always and forever put myself first

Eye can admit that my soul was tortured

But, can't you see?

Thank you my first love

For setting me free




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