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Mama Lola

Updated: Sat, 12 Nov 2022 09:17 pm


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I am Lola. Psalms 23. I am an unorthodox intuitive and creative. I live my life the way God intended. Poetry saved my life. Literally.

Lavender Butterfly

I love my smile I love how I walk I love how I talk I love my voice I love the way my sensuality oozes from my skin From my soul Saturated in energy I love that I can feel my energy Flowing from my being The high I receive when I hug my nephew The stomach aches I endure when I surround myself with bad company The new language the world is teaching me The wind dancing with the trees My heart chakra on steroids Oh how I love to dance I hear you Gaia I feel you Gaia I love you Sweet Wata Mama I accept you with open arms As I yearned for my mother to do with me I am open I am a vibrant energy flowing through this being It feels so good to be alive baby! I am filled with Moon and Sun Ying and Yang Night and Day As I sing to the sky “Ive got some issues that nobody can see... and all of these emotions are pouring out of me” And I let them pour I let them flow My emotions My energy My power All energy is my power Even the energy that I harbor away Moon that I have been suppressing Darkness that has been smothering Pain that has been suffocating me For as long as I can remember I guess I needed a “thicker skin” Backed into a corner Held captive on a fine line between numbness and dying The strength of warriors flowing through my blood Pushing me into numbness as I asked myself everyday I wonder how it is to die? I love how I’ve lived there And I love how now I can live here Bliss Calmness Peace A voice inside my head that has always been guiding me But now I can consciously hear her soothing bellow Yes her bellow soothes me For she is me and now I understand We are one I cry at the beauty I cry at the joy I am experiencing And how it feels so right It feels like home Love is my home The blessing of strength bestowed upon me My Masculine energy has been protecting the wounded little girl inside of me For far too long It is now time for My Feminine energy to give her Yang a break To believe in herself And to heal thyself Heal herself Heal himself Become whole Become one

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