I never understood how

A stranger could care

I was never aware

Of your existence

I wasn't prepared for your

Entrance into my life

All I knew is that you

Have a son and a you have a wife

A big black man at

The age of 24

Randomly popped up at

My Uncle's side door

He had a pretty white smile

And braids that ran out of style

For quite a while

But for some reason I found myself

Strangely drawn to you

I had so many questions like

How, when and who

Like how did he grow his hair so long

And what did he use?

And when did he build a bond

with my Uncle

So strong and so true

And who does everyone keep calling Bigga?

Is that his name

But still from talking to you

I would reframe

And there was still that little peice of me

That was drawn to you

And I couldn't explain it

Every time I looked at you

Butterflies formed

I couldn't rename it

I had a little crush

I'm not gonna lie

And I don't know how we actually

Started talking

It was all a rush

Kind of fly

Before I knew it we were boxing

I was hitting you

As Paige was yelling

Her little self bickering and

Telling us to stop and go away

And as the days passed

There'd you go popping up again

Talking to me about myself

My future and my past

From then until now

A little bond has formed

My spirits you lighten up and

My heart you have warmed

My feelings started to alter

And I become confused

I started to look at you

For guidance

Kind of like a father figure

Even though I caught you once or twice

Looking at my bodies figure

I haven't had a male role model

In my life since

My father passed

In some type of way I feel

That is what you are here as

But then again

I could be overthinking

You now probably think I'm weird

Like damn is this really

What this girl is thinking?

But I do know you believe in me

For some strange reason

And that feeling hasn't changed for you

Even with the change of the season

So I just wanted to say

Thank you

For being there for me

When I need someone to talk to

And when I'm down

You have the ability to tune my sorrow out 

And bring happiness around

You are a good person I am glad

To have found your aquaintence 

You believe in me

And send my fears away

So I'ma graduate

And make you proud one day

◄ Sisters of The Fatherless Tribe

Swilly ►


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