She asked me

What is it like?

I replied 

You know

Like when you cant swim and you start to drown

So you're drowning right?

But its like everyone else around you can breathe

They seem to be floating on their back with ease

Everyone else has their head above water

Keeping afloat

And even some of the fortunate ones

They have their own boat

Not even touching the wat...

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Self Love

Beautiful Lolita

I love you so much

Jillie you are so magestic

I receive goosebumps 

Just from your touch

I am so grateful to be in your life

You are so sweet


Like a fruity wine

Bubbly and refreshing 

Like crisp champagne

I want to caress you 

Underneath a tree

In the midst of the rain


As your tears 


From your eyes

Your lip...

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Forgiveness is fragile

Like an egg

Trust is fragile as well

And when it is broken

It will never feel as it use to

It will never be quite the same

The surface will never be smooth

The formation will never be unison

The strong foundation has now became

Crushed and shattered

Messy and painful

Forgiveness is intricate

Cleaning up the mess

And putting the pieces b...

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My Dear Beloved

My dear beloved

Has anyone ever told you that

Your love can heal a broken heart

It can cure cancer

Make a blind one see

Your love has all of these capabilities 

And more

Much Much more

Your touch sends goosebumps 

Up my back

Down my spine

Surges of energy intertwined

Into my arms

Your hugs

Bring forth butterflies into my belly

My legs turn into jelly


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You deserve it all

You deserve it all

Someone that speaks your love language

Someone that respects your boundaries

Someone that gives you unlimited orgasms

You deserve someone

That remembers the little things about you 

That wants to assist you in bringing out the best in you

Someone that loves you for who you are

And sees clearly the potential of who you will be 

Someone that admires you


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You could never pray on me

My great grand mudda 

When she was 12 

Moved to Cuba for work

She lived and worked as a maid in a house

And when she was 12

The man of that house raped her

Who was there to protect Rosalie?

Hmm? Anybody? No one!

The main one that could of protected her

In my opinion SHOULD of protected her

Served as her predator

And prayed upon her

Then the woman of the house


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A profound elegy

A profound healing of the ages 

Where my ancestors 


My ascended masters 

My women, men 

Children of the ancient civilization 


From the curse of separation from the most high Yahweh

Suppression of the true self 

You walk amongst the living 

But you have internally died long ago

Into a deep state 

A deep, dank stare 

Into oblivion 


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Mind control

Mind Control, mind control

Mind control, mind control 

I have been lying to myself 

For many of lifetimes

I have forgotten for a moment 

About from where the light shines 

I have been lied to by my opressors

They are the ones that brainwashed me 

And forced me to lie to myself 

Ofcourse my elders have been lied to as well

So I really can’t trust in all that they say 


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Every man

Every man that I have ever found attractive

Any man that I loved

They all possessed qualities 

That I already have dwelling within me

Wounded masculine energy

Searching for my daddy in other men

Yet again

I didn’t even know how to be

My own mother

I expected my mother to do the job

Reparent myself

To heal the toxicity 

That kept me from 

Protecting myself


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I deserve a proper genuine love

I deserve to be admired

Adorned and respected

Love me like you would

Love a sister 

Mother or daughter

Fuck me like 

A whore and it will be 

Our little secret 

The sweetness

Of the nectar 

Of my juices 

Running down your cheekbones

I deserve to be vulnerable

To feel safe

In my divine masculines presence

My son deserves

A father figure

That will pr...

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My son is so beautiful

My son is so beautiful

I am so blessed to have my baby

Anointed in all of Yahweh’s glory

Un vientre Muy limpia 

A very clean womb

To have birthed such a beautiful baby

Thank you the most high Jah

For growing my baby

So healthy and safe

Inside my belly for 9 months

I love the way he says

Bye Bye





Oh my sweet joy 

You’ve gifted me i...

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Gossip is a hell of a disease

Spreading exaggerations of the truth




Spewed between the likeness of others

Own projections and insecurities

They all have one thing in common

Their negative obsession

Of the one in question 

The main event

They can’t talk about themselves 

Because no one one listen

So they attempt to spread your name 


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I love the idea of love

I love the idea of love

How it feels

How it looks 

How it smells

Im not sure if the manifestation 

Of love

Scares me

Because it triggers

My addiction to

Pain, trauma and abuse

The codependency

Is tricky

And confuses me

Because I know it’s not love

But it’s the closest thing 

I’ve been taught 

By my foremothers and forefathers

I didn’t choose to


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I love you Black man

Life is a circus 

And the ride can leave you feeling 

Lonely and confused

But you are loved throughout it all

You are protected and guided if you choose

For we all have free will

Don't sell your soul black man 

For it is more precious than gold 

What justice are you searching for

With your flesh

When your soul is poisoned and imprisoned 

With tar

Restaura tu alm...

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So many snakes in the grass

Slithering around 

Being sneaky 

Like a scorpion 

Hiding in the sand

Waiting to attack 

When the victim least expects it 

Too bad I’m not a victim and 

I have a demon detector 

Inspotted your poison

From a mile away 

It wreaked Of 

Deception shame and rage

Mother wounds

Father wounds



How can I trust


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You have no power over me

You have no power over me 

You tried so hard to manipulate me

Why did you think you could control me?

I am one of the chosen ones

Destined by Yahweh

Your black magic

And your spiritual attacks

Are removed from my pathway

It didn’t even reach my feet

The Oceans tide carried it all away

Returned to sender ten fold

Yemaya spiritually cleansed me

She spiritually hea...

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Spiritually Protected

YAHWEH is my guide 

I shall not want for anything

I give my obligations to you

You clear my trauma bond

Heal my betrayal 


Heal narcissism 



Con artist

All revealed 

I am protected throughout it all

Soul contract 

Low vibrational energy 

Low level entities

 Obedient to the most high Jah as I Surrender

All my addictions and in...

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Wake Up Call

I’m sorry for all the times I did it to you

All the blow ups

All the dismissals

All the abandonment

I’m sorry for all the times I did it to you

The times I disrespected you 

And thought of you 


Never treated you as a priority 

I’m sorry I dismissed your needs for safety

As not being important 

All the traumas 

All the abuse

I’m sorry for all the times...

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Pride Is The Devil

Pride is ugly 

It will blind you

Like a demon

Have you in your head 

A certain type of seasoning

Live your life a certain type of way

In your ego


From your heart space


Nail in the coffin

You as good as dead

Disrespectful to Yahweh

How you going to teach me to call on god

And dismiss her out of your life?


Call in balance


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Past Life Regression

Will this be the last time?

To lie

To cheat

To manipulate

To fight

To hate

Will it be the last time 

To lose yourself to the jezebel spirit

I have responsibilities

That I need to take care of

I have no time for distractions 

Gaslighting arguments

That have me waste so much

Of my precious energy

Being siphoned 

Past life relationship

I worked too hard...

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Babydaddy JuJu

My babydaddy was birthed 

By a jezebel

Crazy arguments

Would make my mental swell

Spiritually protected

The spirit of death and disease

He sold his soul

It came close

Real close

But still couldn’t touch me

Don’t rush me

I’m anointed

Ordained by

The most high 


Your traps could not contain me

The boundlessness of my being 

You’re not in your ...

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Why Do You Keep Dating Your Father?

Serial lover

Different men

Same theme 


Toxic attachments



Can’t stay in your feminine 

Burdened into your masculine

Don’t feel safe

Around the one

You giving your flesh to

Destined to break

This generational curse 

Lessons learned

Your own self worth 

Is not equivalent 

To the ones that abandoned you


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I claim back

My sacral and mental


I claim back all parts of me

Into my being

Crack me open

So that I can return

My soul back within the 


To the places that

Have been experiencing

A love drought

I surrender to the sweetness

Of love and

Of life


You called me mentally unstable

So that I can doubt

My reality

Of wha...

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Sex Without Love Is Meaningless

I want to feel safe in your arms

Not just wet by your touch

Your soul recognizes mine


I love you for who you are

Not what you do

I don’t want to trap your soul

I want you to live you best life

And enjoy living your life along side me living mine

No trickery 

No lies 

No delusions 

Let’s invite transparency 



Internal balance


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I Am Worthy Of Divine Love

I am worthy of a pure love

A genuine love

A divine love

Not an attachment

I am whole and complete

In the name of Yahweh

Stay in your heart space with me

Type of love

My compliment 

Divine counterpart

I am worthy of 

Feeling the complete divinity

Within me

I deserve to feel safe

In my prescence

In my home

In my own company

I deserve to be soft 


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I Abandoned Myself

I abandoned myself

Over and over again

In order to love you

And you allowed me to

You drained my energy

You drank my light

Energy vampire 

I was your supply 

You chewed me up

And spit me out

My stomach hurt so much

I couldn’t sleep at night

Couldn’t protect myself 

From your demons

You gaslighted me

Into thinking I was your problem

And you were my sa...

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My Child’s Father is a Narcissist

He is combatitive

Living with him was always

Like walking on eggshells

We fought almost everyday

Even when I was pregnant

My heart broke over and over again 

I was so numb

Living in constant confusion and chaos

Im grateful at how strong my son is 

I’m surprised at how strong my spirit is

Because anyone else would have 

Lost their mind

And I still love him so muc...

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