My Mother

Insanity is when you love someone so much, you help them destroy you by trying to save them. -Unknown


Eye am insane for my Mother’s love

My Mother’s love

Is the love eye accepted into my heart

As my Mommy carried me, she fed me

Soothed me, protected me

And brought me

Into the physical plane healthy and safe

Thank you Mommy,

You are the first God eye know

My heart...

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You are love

You are light

And divinity alike

Below and above

You are love and you are loved

Eye am God

The first King

Mama I thank you

For loving me

For you love the most dark parts

Of my soul

Where I am scared to venture

You already are

Where I haven't yet to go

You already be

So why?, I ask myself

Do I continue to fear thee?


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Mental Slavery

No one gives a fuck

I don't give a fuck, you don't give a fuck

She dont give a fuck

So why are you crying?

Why are you sobbing in pain?

SIlently gasping for air that

You just said you don't give a fuck about

Like air is not abundant 

Like you are not abundance!

You don't give a fuck about your damn self

Your damned existence


And just where will y...

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My void

Eye have something inside of me

That’s so undyingly hard to fill

And it’s crazy that something so psychological

Can feel so uncontrollably real

And that ‘What’s wrong?’ line

Sends me to a place of ‘Eye can’t really explain…’

There’s an ample amount of harmful things that eye feel

But yet nobody can be blamed,

or take the claim of this pain

That has been dawned upon me


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