Where are you hiding?

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Would you like to hear a story

About a child

Who knew the difference between

Love and hate

But it was, at the time, only mild

Oh the sweet atmosphere of love

So divine

So sad, she was ripped of its warmth

By the time she was nine

Confused and obliterated

She copied the demenor

Her mother demonstrated

She would mark the walls with blood

From her fists

And from time to time

She would cut her wrists

Its so sad

The young girl was so scared

And lonely at that

The words from her mother

To make it better?

My you are getting just

A little too fat!

Tell me has this tale

Caught your attention?

Or makes you run to the hills

Filled with sorrow and redemption

Sorry, either way

Im not done yet

No need to fret

It is only a story

And what glory she beholds

Get a load of this

This girl lost her virginity 

Before she was even kissed

She knew the pain of a strange man

Tearing through her innocence

Before she was able to witness

The sweetness

The bliss

From ones tender lips

As she strips

He looks at her body

Oh My God

Its abot that time to get naughty 

He does not look the young girl into her face

For it holds so much disgrace

And he does not look into her mind

An extravagent thing that with two people

Can bind

Something magnificent

He does not look into her soul

He does not wish to reach her heart

He just summons his pole

And her legs he will only part

And she allows this

What madness

So much utter and complete


Girl has no respect

No boundaries

Does he even know her last name?

Oh what a shame

This young girl holds over her head

But she will not stop

No she won't, see instead

She just lays there

looking into this man's eyes

Hoping, searching

For something to find

But to no advail

His eyes are empty

Just like her heart

So tragic

This girl is so distraught

If there was only a man 

That taught her better

Maybe a guy instead of giving his dick

Wrote her a love letter

But love has no home here

All though it did at one time

Have residence

Don't believe me

I'll prove it to you

There is evidence

It just lies 6 feet under the ground

You may choose to

Catch the greyhound

To the Yonker cemetary

And under a big, beautiful oak tree

Lies a tombstone

But it is so far from ordinary

It has the name of an angel 

On it and it reads

Julio Oscar Peralta 1963-2004

Tell me, are you in awe?

Has your jaw hit the floor

No, Not yet?

Well my best bet

Is you do not know who he is

Ladies and genlteman

May I introduce

The man who showed

This little girl how to love

But now that he is gone

This young woman is just too loose

She doesn't even know how

To keep her pants on

Slipped off they are

And onto the floor

They shall stay 

As she gets laid by a man

That don't even try and please her

That skeezer

Oh what a shame

Little shawty is depicted 

As a dick pleaser

She has an empty home

And is left to rome

This world

Not knowing where to find

This thing so

Simplistically divine

And No, it does not lie at the

Bottom of a bottle of wine

But if it goes by the name 

of Love

And on her chest 

She shall continuously rub

To aide

Her aching heart

She crys and asks

When and how will this part

Of her life be over and

Done with

Give her something to love

That she can go

And run with

She just needs someone

To love her like her mohter won't

And her father did

Maybe it's not in a man

But lies inside of her

Future kid

To shower him in love

How her Father did her

To allow all this agony and bullshit

To fade into a complete blur

She just needs some guidance

Not this fucking nonsense

That these knuckle head boys

Try to throw her way

Or all this got damned dismay

She feels as she showers

That man's saliva off her chest

She wants to put this life behind her

Lay it down, put it to rest

Tell me ladies and gentleman

Do you believe God will help her

To do her best?

Oh Dear God please help me 

On My Quest




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