Love Thyself

Some people tend to run from reality by avoiding challenges. They fail to examine themselves and understand who they really are. -Unknown

Why are you running from the very thing God created

When God made you she smiled and rejoiced 

She celebrated the masterpece of her creation

Hold your head up high and keep your dignity

No matter what you're faced with

You are much stronger than you think you are

You have the ability to

Heal thyself

Love thyself

Defend thyself 

Conquer thyself

All you must do is remember

How do you remember?

Be still

Your essence is elegant like a Gazelle

Be still and graze the green terrain

Explore new paths 

Change your direction

Reclaim your energy

And free thyself 

From the futile thoughts that told you

You weren't good enough 

To begin with


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Tue 11th Jun 2019 03:38

@poemagraphic thank you!! love and light ?

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