Passing Time

Passing Time


May angels bring me a chalice

of the finest wine

By the hour may I sip

of an ephemeral elixir

To guide me into the realms

of soporific ecsatsy

May the sun shine as I slumber

in the shade of tranquil contentment

As bees pollinate the luscious

hibiscus and oleander

May I close my eyes to this

beauty and retreat

Into the cave of memorablia


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At my baptism I received the name Keith

given to me, but not by me

My gender was also predetermined 

not by me, but for me

My sexuality was chosen for me

not by me, but for me

In the Army I was given an identity disc

by the authorities, not by me

I was dressed in clothes made for me

not chosen by me

How much of who I am is really me?

Am I the const...

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