Vast Horizons

Vast Horizons


We climb snow capped mountains of glistening pristine love

meander along country lanes dripping with the lethargy of hanging boughs

We gaze serenely at lakes of shimmering indolent beauty

to see the every growing ripples of an entangled world

Skies that sail by with clouds of wool and doves aloft in flight

to the interminable profundity of azure in life's upward journey

Cascading waterfalls of angels steeping in unison upwards and down

to distant  lofty peaks enrobed in purple mists of imperial splendour

Undulating meadows and pastures of changing melodies

they kiss the waving ears of corn as they dance in golden harmony

Oceans as orchestras announce a mighty precussion with woodwinds howling

streets of people sleeping and walking to the dull beat of a monotonous life

Buildings erect and proud boast their stature as grand sentinels of our time

as farms buckle un the weight of labour to yield nutrition to the masses

All enfolded in a landscape of inescapable enchantment as the ivory

keys are nimbly touched to punctuate the keys of life.

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Stephen Atkinson

Mon 11th Oct 2021 22:42

A delectable dessert of descriptive prose ( just to carry on Stephen G's wonderful menu comment). Excellent

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 11th Oct 2021 21:31

A massive menu of gorgeous language, Keith. The conclusion is perfect.

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