Cut it all away

Cut it all away


I lacked the strength due to my years

but I was possessed of a fury unleashed

With what sharp instrument should I use

as the task ahead was great indeed

I took hold of a kukri and strapped it to my belt

then a wieldy sickle firmly gripped in my hand

I had been misled, cheated and used through life

with clarity of heart and purpose I strode forward

I cut away the foliage of life with all its absurdities

I hacked at the thicket of ambition and deceit

Pressing forward I became entangled in lies

reaching for my kukri I cut them to pieces

A grin of retribution shone on my face with glee

I felt the waves of freedom wash over me

as I sliced aside large dense leaves of camouflage

Drenched in sweat which dripped from my brow

the sun burst forth to reveal my awaiting treasure

The truth lay bare before me in astounding beauty

without blemish I saw a world untarnished by man

A world so rich as to sustain me forever unto eternity

I had cut it all away

now I saw my way

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