It was the last night with everything packed

most of the furniture had gone and the rest was stacked

Only the solitary piano remained in the room

and little else could be seen in the evening gloom


Nostalgia touched the strings of a reluctant heart

as our days of making love did here with passion start

Memories flooded from wiley crevices and corners

with a few boxes covered with dusty throw overs


I sat alone in a leather wing backed arm chair

as this room once filled with books was my lair

It had been my sanctuary a place of retreat

the piano stool had been my favourite seat


Tomorrow all would be taken away

and the dawn arriving to herald a brighter day

I had little or nothing at all to fear

as I knew that you would still be near

◄ Moments only.....

Cut it all away ►


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Stephen Gospage

Mon 18th Oct 2021 21:07

A poignant poem, Keith. We moved house a couple of years ago and I found it a surprisingly emotional experience, especially the last evening with everything packed up. As you say, being able to share the move with someone makes it more bearable, although it generates more memories.

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kJ Walker

Mon 18th Oct 2021 14:50

It's moving on.. but not moving on
they say that moving house can be one of the most stressful times of your life, but with your partner coming too, all's good.

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