Poetry Blog by keith jeffries (May 2020)

A Pressed Flower

A Pressed Flower


I had procrastinated for far too long

as it sat above the house hidden

to give it shape and additional room

Our loft was a chaotic storeroom

the unwanted added to the untidy


I climbed a rickety ladder aloft

into a cavern of perpetual darkness

with a solitary naked light bulb

With torch in hand I surveyed the scene

old suitcases, cardboard bo...

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This is my Country and these are my People

This is my Country and these are my People


For years I lived and worked abroad beyond the seas

fuelled by an adventurous and curious nature for fresh pastures

These wanderings ranged from desert lanscapes

to the idyllic islands of the West Indies

Europe fell easily within my grasp of view and desire

from snowcapped mountains to verdant valleys

I integrated myself into var...

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Seasonal Sensations

Seasonal Sensations


The body tingles as a transformation takes place

goose pimples yield to outstretched bronzed arms

in the landscape of an English summer

It is assured as night follows day

so does Spring herald the summer idyll of hope

The replaceable gives way yet again

as wicker basket chairs and mowed lawns

sit gently beneath the fruit trees in blossom

Sandals ...

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Do you see?

Do you see?


Don't cast a wandering eye

which captures nothing

You will see nothing

if your mind is preoccupied

Stop and stare and observe

fix your concentration on seeing

Do not allow yourself to be

a train window with life flashing by

All that can be seen has merit

even the dull and ugly

We learn more by seeing about us

than by transient thoughts

A leaf...

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