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A wall to predate that in Berlin or

One to mirror the Great Wall of China

Bestowed the name of the philanthropic Emperor

To consolidate his vast Empire, to discourage war

Steeped in ancient Greek culture he fell in love

Not with the Parthenon or the Temple of Olympus

Uninspired by the voices of Delphi

He was besotted by the beauty of a young man

Love flouris...

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A Curse or a Blessing

A Curse or a Blessing


A plague sweeps across the land with vengance

Where blossoms are brimming in our gardens

Amidst anxiety and terrible uncertainty

The sun sits above us as a golden crown

A cough, sneeze or fever sends a shiver of fear

As leaves appear and nature comes to life

Confined to home and garden, time to contemplate

But free to relish the arrival of Spring


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Homely Love

Homely Love


A heavy cloud descends upon the town

The sun has withdrawn its brilliant rays

A creeping mist winds its way along the streets

Few if any venture out into this damp landscape

Huddled around hearth and fire for warmth

Kettles whistle as crumpets are toasted by lurid flames

Night draws in to exclude the outside world

Street lights glimmer in the encroaching gl...

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A Silver Framed Photograph

A Silver Framed Photograph


I see your face almost every day

But I know you have passed away

I ponder at our similarities in life

But you were killed at twenty in strife

On a street in Belgium your life ended

But here I live a life open ended

You sacrificed everything for our nation

All we suffer from is nervous tension

You left these shores aged nineteen

And sinc...

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The bats from hell have left their caves

Insidiously they spread their wings of dread

They are indiscriminate in their choice of victim

Random in whom they infect with plague

Fear and panic grip the heart and mind

We glance over our shoulder with uncertainty

Expectation lurks around very corner

Some withdraw behind door and curtain

The fatalistic stride fo...

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A passage through the arches of time

Upon which cascades the fortunes of history

Rome and Athens where are your children

Cast asunder in the lands of Bohemia

We will perish without you

Revisit us and revitalise our civilisation

Lest we sink into an abyss of ugliness

Save us as we plunge into the unkown

Anchor us in your antiquity

Nurture us with your p...

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