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An unexpected and searing pain

I crumpled with an agonised scream

I was breathless with disbelief

I fell foward as others screamed also

People coming and going

A shot rang out in the distance

I am going to die here and now

These words rang in my pulsating head

I was turned on my back

Words of comfort were softly spoken

I prayed to God , Save me please.


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A Load of Luggage

A Load of Luggage


Railways and their stations full of steam and soot

Deafening the noise as porters shouted and whistles blew

We heaved and pushed to climb aboard the express

Wearing our uniforms with cases and kitbags encumbered

Destined for camps, ports and airfields in remote places

Never sufficient seating we sat in narrow corridors

Beneath dimmed lights as others str...

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The Voice of Integrity

The Voice of Integrity


The voice of integrity

Is the voice of poetry

Not the voice of opinion

But the voice of dissent


The poet writes from the heart

His very soul cries out

He rails against injustice

And applauds courage


The poet seeks for the truth

He cuts away the undergrowth of deceit

The poet is driven by his conscience

He cannot remain silen...

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An Afternoon Storm

An Afternoon Storm


Created in hell the wind beats against all in its path

Rain lashes against window panes

It pelts its fury on roofs and chimneys

Animals fearful seek shelter

Foliage bears the brunt of this onslaught

Branches sway buffeted by sudden gusts

The sky darknes as afternoon becomes night

Litter is scattered in its wake

Traffic is reduced to a laborious cr...

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The inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum


My home is my sanctuary

Blessed by love

Insignificant to most

But where I am surrounded

By those objects

Who reflect who I am

In this place of peace

I enter into my inner self

And do so in peace

From which comes 

A creative spirit

I think deeply

Uninterrupted and fluent

There is an outpouring

Of truth and vitality

Silence is my...

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We cease to be

We cease to be


One third of our alloted time is given to sleep

A great portion of our life here on this earth

A time when all that is concious is cast aside

When we enter the portals of another existence

When heart and mind meet to journey together

To places of fantasy and remembrance of other times

Encountering faces and places known and unknown

Taken where we have no...

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The Sounds of Night

The Sounds of Night


Outside it blows

the house responds

Windows gently rattle

the dogs slumber in unison

a gentle murmur of contentment

A hum pervades all

a distant bell chimes

A cat triggers a light

it scurries away

The faint sound of music

an indeterminable melody

A melllifluous snore

I am not alone

The room is jet black

inky black with no shadow...

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Shifting Contrasts

Shifting Contrasts


The heat of life and the industry of the soul

War threatens, disease is rampant

We fall and falter over hurdles and stiles

Stung by the nettles of deceit and treachery

Wounded by the sword of infidelity

Pierced by shameful memories too grevious

Catapulted into an unkown kaleidoscope

Turn this way and that, no right from wrong

In sleep a melody pla...

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Nightfall descends slowly upon a city scene

Ninety years ago beneath gas lamps and tramcars

A shower of rain has abated leaving mirrored pools

People come and go as does the traffic to and fro

I subdue the sound I hear and superimpose my piano solo

One more in keeping, not with silence, but at odds with what I see

A more tranquil and melancholic atmosphere pervades


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Time Heals

Time Heals


The fury of anger and the heat of passion

An all consuming searing of emotions

Are in the present moment boundless in intensity

The after glow of passion generates a fondness

Where memories are venerated and cherished

The aftermath of unbridled anger unleashes

Embarrassment with vengance and damaged pride

Into these emotions of intense human behaviour


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Cut Adrift

Cut Adrift


Cut adrift in a maze of chaos and confusion

I am rejected flotsam abandoned in a great endless ocean

Never alone I collide with others and their thoughts and words

Which only adds to my sense of loss with no direction

Hope for what, I ponder, undulating waves prevent any real view

Often swirling mists envelope the ocean's surface 

At times cold and wretched, fr...

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