On my end

On my end 


My guitar used to sing to me

I’d  pick her up and she’d play me

that feeling

we could make people dance 

we could make some toes tap 

she used to be by my side 

things have changed 

only on my end 

now we never dance 

I’m sure she hates when I finger her

It’s not the same 

that part of me is sleeping 

now she just stares 


shame on the wall

hollow with hope 

flawed yet majestic

I miss our dancing 

forgive me 

I’m washed up in pills and self loathing 


we played each other 

a team in the bright lights 

on the frontline

I have to do my part 

now just isn’t the time for singing 

or dancing 

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Bruce Strosnider

Thu 4th Feb 2016 23:39

Bruce Strosnider

Thu 4th Feb 2016 23:39

needs to be clearer on washed up seems like being washed period newly

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Eric Maehl

Thu 28th Jan 2016 22:07

Thanks for the observation. Currently reading your thoughts

R L Miller

Sun 24th Jan 2016 19:29

I liked this quite a bit. There are some really clever and killer lines in there. My stand out favorite would be
"I’m washed up in pills and self loathing"

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