It was not easy (Don't you think?)

Has it crossed your mind a sense of lust and us in the afterglow? Have you used your power to lose my north in your wonder’s world? Have you ever thought of me while you save sinners with some stitches? Have you ever liked me? Did you fake your smiles? Did you mean that? Did you know me, or it was just your spells disguised with that hero essence?

It was a counterfeit, and I was a puppet in yo...

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My best friend

Butterflies in the sky, roses in the yard, this day the birds fly high, cause you turn another turn to the sun, let’s get some cake and merlot just in case.

You gave me the world and more to see a smile on my face, you don’t put a price, you are satisfied with a hug and an "I love you", the pure act of love, what can I do for you? Just be who you are, and make me proud, you said.

You’re kind...

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What I want (something to dream about)

Blue room crying the truth, why is life so rude? Braking bones to those who are looking for an antidote, people are waiting for you to bring the stars, telling you how good you are, but they’re never there when you’re in the haze, are we brave to face another day? what I want is a glass of wine and a good heart in these dark times.

Growing alone is not always a choice, rainy days you’re playing...

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In a dark room

I’m in an empty room staring at the brick wall, gray and blue is all I see, it’s just me and myself begging for a glimpse of mercy.

Mercy for a soul that was stabbed, stabbed by a twisted world that doesn’t let him love to whom his heart belongs. The storms they put in me are driving me crazy, and now the voices in my head are telling me I’m the broken one, fixing me to fit in, but whatever I d...

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Feeling ok

You gotta away, I’m in the dirt, thinking if this would be the end, pretending smiles and writing rhymes to forget who you are, I’m feeling ok since you woke up Eros from the grave.

Flirting eyes, shy hearts, I’ve always been the one in the back, watching others falling into wonderland, would you like to bring me back to the light? Im feeling ok seeing your flawless face every day.


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The 80s feeling

3 pm, I’m standing in front of bed, hot breeze out there, summer souls are in our home, cobblestone leads to the sun, you waiting for something to go, maybe a cup of apricot. 

Music in the room, moon upon the roof, dancing to the Beatles, laughing at our accents, we don’t have a mysterious box to show this love, we just got vinyl and a sense of belief, would that be enough? 

Sunday nights, w...

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I like...

I like the gray in the sky when I’m in the yard, so quiet and calm as an empty shrine, there´s my mind on standby.

I like the rain on winter days, make me stay in bed, soft and warm as your palm that I grab when you walk the aisle.

I like the haze on cold days that cover the hope in my face, sad and tired on the holy ground, with a scarlet sky.

I like to cross smiles and hi’s in the sunri...

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Dark age

Gazes free, reason of this dream, swords, and screams, it’ll be the ending of me, you’ll see.

It was inevitable to meet your soul in the after sun, bright eyes paralyzed me in the hallway wondering where you had been. Would you bring me back my brave? I wanna know your name! 

Baby, it’s written on your face, evil inside our veins, they are coming with flames surrounding us in a haze, ignoran...

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