How do you forget?

Why do we like spirals? cryptic and crazy like chasing a face in a maze surrounded by a midnight haze so heavy and dense that you can´t see your fate. how did we end up there? we like to self-inflict pain, let the rain cure us. how do you forget a foreboding day?

Hysterical days, everyone trying to save themself, crowds in Troya's gates, I crossed the fire hoping there'll be water in the castle, there were wine, broken hearts, and blue eyes, thieves that stole my ease, how do you forget a perfect misdeed?

Ink in our hands and someone else's names, I couldn´t stop to see your face, glare in your stares, fantasies in my head, I was playing the game, again. I didn't know how to introduce myself, but you already knew my name, did you want to know this freak well? how do you forget a perfect coincidence?

Saturday afternoon in a brown room, your sapphires make me fly to mars, screamin' "I want you by my side", devils eyes, I saw desires in your mouth, please tell me what you need, I'm gonna give you my tears, it's 8, all this haze is fading, I´m dreaming out loud, how do you forget someone that is already in your veins?

Every day I go to your place, excited to hear your voice again, I'm obsessed with the idea of your face in my hands, I´ve never had someone to bring me high and tell me that I am whom it was dreaming. Now I know you had other eyes to look at, but don't deny that it was a work of art, we both know we're afraid to admit that our hearts are intertwined. how do you forget something that never was?

…you don’t.

◄ It was not easy (Don't you think?)

Rebecca ►


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