Broken Man (Regrets)

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Here I stand, a broken man
Trying to cope the best I can
Guys are not supposed to cry
We’re macho with our heads held high
But alone I feel a shivering wreck
With mixed up thoughts and mass regrets
Regrets that I just can’t be me
Regrets of the false man you see
Each tiny thought I try to dissect
But each tiny thought then becomes a threat
A threat that I might be exposed
Exposed to those who do not know
They do not know the man inside
The man for years that’s tried to hide
To hide behind a forced on smile
To hide the man who feels so vile
He feels so vile because he lives a lie
The lie that he’s not straight he’s bi
But really should it be that bad
To live a life and feel so sad
To be bothered what some others think
To live a life that’s on the brink
Society has made a mould
But it’s broke for those it cannot hold
It cannot hold because we just don't fit
So it’s time for society to stop and change it
Change its view to a wider range
To live our lives in the way we’re made

© curiousdud3 07/2020


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