no connecting(for Janet and all loud writers whom I love...without connection)

i like you all in cyber-space

not sure i'd like you to your face

in fact  i know i definitely not

would like you such a lot


you came into my face without permission

invaded my space and pervaded my person

made me feel like a guest in my own


mi casa no es su casa

my life is mine to lead

i do not sit in your place of authority

i do not hearken to your greed


will not stand upon ceremony

i will tell you to leave--my space

is not to be taken by  foreign bodies

from foreign lands


is no excuse to break


are there for all and for all to learn

all must be able to learn

just as one learned to use the computer

and enjoy the space of cyber


but not all can dicipher the cy-pher

and are shut out

by pass word and deletion

by choice

by right


so i say i love you

and most of all your work

because in cybernectics

we connect

without connection.

[Peace.  Love each other.]

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<Deleted User> (7073)

Tue 6th Apr 2010 22:02

Rules ha ha what rules.... being a closet anarchist, rules are made to be broken... Cyber comms do have thier advantage, Anonymity, and say I mean look at my Avatar's sexy outfit heh heh.... but this poem is a little perplexing....TC XX

<Deleted User> (6895)

Tue 6th Apr 2010 09:48

I agree with you Jo.(decipher)

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Tue 6th Apr 2010 00:01

You have an interesting style Beulah. It is fascinating the way you end a sentence/meaning with a word that then starts off another one - disconnected but connected thought. That perhaps represents how you perceive on line relationships. You are right in some ways to maintain a guard or alternatively develop a thicker skin. People can disappoint you. You think they are one thing and then find they are something else - just as you yourself probably disappoint others. It is an odd, artificial world. It can bring a lot of comfort in lonely times though. I would recommend getting out onto the performance scene if you can - that turns cyber friends into real people - so lovely to be able to do that.

<Deleted User> (6884)

Mon 5th Apr 2010 23:00

This poem, like some of your others, has a hint of the paranoid about it.

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Mon 5th Apr 2010 20:53

I say A slam for all. Slam!

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