Jazz Record cut off half note

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Looking back in hindsight
I wonder how some
Of my ex girlfriends
Would have handled me
Getting diabetes

Sian who lived with her wealthy parents
And who kissed me with a desire 
Beyond her tender years
Would have resented my inability 
To keep running down to London.

Helen would have sat in front 
Of her ever increasing cocktail bar
And have said what the hell
Can you drink now
(which in reality was very little). 

Dani would have been sympathetic 
But secretly missed our film and pizza weekends
When it then became apparent
My whole diet and sleeping pattern
Would have to totally change. 

Sam no doubt would have cheated on me
Even quicker than what she did 
When she saw the list of appointments
I would have constantly live with
For the rest of my life. 

Each relationship
Twisting different emotions
In particular now
Entwined in imaginary
Last embraces 

Coyly enamoured
Consuming memories

Creating different backdrops
To each element of my life
Like a jazz record cut off

Half note

Passing through each door
With no chance
Of sliding backwards
Even if I wanted 

Exploding emotions
Cast aside from changes in health

A history lesson
Tied together in a cluster of dots
Ripped apart
Into a totally different jigsaw.


(Another poem from my up
and coming third solo poetry book
‘From the Diabetic Ward’)

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joe kozarzewski

Wed 23rd Sep 2015 13:24

I like this Andy, the wistfulness of what might have been

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Andy N

Sun 20th Sep 2015 21:19

title changed from autobiography ii to Jazz Record cut off half note for a few reasons.

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Andy N

Wed 2nd Sep 2015 19:51

thanks M.C... not a easy topic to write about as you may have guessed - this will form a collection that will take some time to finish but writing the early stages (i have done a few more so far), i know it's a project that will be rewarding. thank you (:

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 30th Aug 2015 13:45

A poignant visit to a world when things, through human
necessity, have to change and new habits and values
embraced...grudgingly and resentfully - with special
attention to how others are affected and their likely
responses in human terms. Easy to identify with in a
variety of guises when lives can be turned upside down
and there's no going back.

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