It is meant for one


When smiles
From my teeth
You often scan,
Do not  conclusion jump
Posses my heart you can
The former is for all
But the latter
For one!

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missunderstanding confusiion

Monkey's mentality

With an intent of
Stripping off all--Wives & footholds--
And taking over,
A monkey measures
And measures
Father's foot mark
Walking behind father's back
And inflict on the same attack
Cognizant ,subject to
The wear and tear of time
, feeble,
A defensive hand
The father could lack!

A mentor,  I helped
An apprentice
Acquire a sharp mind
And a nimble hand
Till on his feet stand.


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Like a moth to a flame

Myself I have to blame
After declaring“I have severed
Our relation, intolerant to
Her theatrical and self-seeking love game!”
Back to square one, under
The pretext of sympathy, of course,
Buckling under her sight and voice
I acted the same,like a moth to a flame!

Though my siblings and friends
Advised, “A leech, if she has no other intent
Then, inconsiderate, she'll bleed you dry

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bittercukoldfoolloveunfaithfulwasted lives

What a lesson?

History has it that
“United we stand
Divided we fall!”
Was the secret
That helped
The victorious
            stand tall.

Similarly A,b...Y and z
Ethnic groups all
Some major,while some
In number small
For ages were
          on the ball
Whenever there is a call
Eveready nation's
     development spur
Or aggressor to deter.

Pursuant of a trick
“Divide and rule!
Fish in a tr...

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divisivepure evil

Psychological dome

Forcing passers by

Curious for peep stand,

Swelling a throng

By every square

Or a roadside

Using his right leg

A nimble right hand

With the other holding

The artefact items hard

A hand-less man

Makes attractive tables

and stools

Hammering nails

And cutting woods

The way the task demand,

A task ,many normal people

Imagine,  to handle hard.

Those ...

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Fear wedded life


I) A Child

Though comfortably asleep
With a doll by my side,
Often I was terrified
A chimera could lurk
In the dark!

Also from a distance
When a dog bark
I saw it stark
A hyena with a
Horn was out
People to attack
Capable to pose
Its grotesque face
Behind my back.

II) A boy

Smote by
A dream object
To anxiety I was subject.
As she was
Inaccessibly beautiful
Self co...

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Developmental psychology

Disciples of satan

As migrant workers in dire need of buttering their bread
To Libya, the hardest way, some Ethiopians opted to head
They spent a portion of their life in a sweatshop
Clinging afloat a better-tomorrow hope.
Tragically, they were intercepted by ISIS members with
A brain, inured, petrified and dead
After blood-thirsty, heinous, ill-motivated and bad shaped.
ISIS demons, who lavish atavism, ironi...

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"As you are bewitched
By my beauty
Allow me to be a bit naughty!

Pleasure expect not to gain
Without a little pain.

Take me to
The most expensive
Restaurants that exist.
Let me order dishes top
On the menu list.
Hurry let us go
To another place
Having for an open -kitchen
A space.
Don't you doubt
I have interest
For a none-stop bout.

Buy me
Expensive cosmetics
And sho...

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SadLove lost

Cure a wound another could

The desire to wholly
Posses you
Was so great
Bitter and harrowing
Was the feeling,unfaithful
To memory's dustbin
You relegate.

At a loss how
My problem to solve
Crying out my heart
By a serene cathedral door
Myself to absolve
God blew on my way a dove!

With a tap
On the shoulder
A sympathetic
And cute girl
On par with
My ex-lover
If not better
"Believe me
There will come

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Curelovereal life

With me forever it will stay

The very knowledge that
You exist
Affords me a pleasure that
Has no limit!

Though the tide of
Life had taken you adrift
Between us  creating a rift
Though it had cruelly
Taken you away
My love for you with
Me for ever stay
The way
You planted it
In my heart
The first day!

To the one he loved but  married to another


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Don't use a sword for a word

True to
The saying
“The pen is mightier
Than the sword”
To your enemies
Deep-cutting and
Were every  of
Your  acerbic satire, also
Bitter-truth packed word.
“To ignore
His pen we ill afford
Nor could we
Fight him back
Word for word.
So covertly
Let us
Strike him  down
With a sword
About his whereabouts
Effacing a word!” they said
As a writer Baalu

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Stood on its head

She made me a cuckold
With my best friend
"Go ahead
No problem!"
I said
And made love
With her close friend!

When life stood
On its head
"How dare you two!"
She said,
And in vain
Tried to trap me in bed
Planting a kiss on my forehead
Darling the winner of
My bread.

"I am afraid
I have tasted the meaning of
Life to the full!
So don't be a fool
Be cool
And taste him
To the ...

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What a revengean eye for an eyepaid in kind.#affair #revenge

From the frying pan into the fire


Seeing a swarm of flies

Seeping the sap of

A hand-deprived

Leaper's fresh wound

A good Samaritan

Disarrayed them with

A hand clap “Twa!” sound

Getting as close as he could

In vain expecting

“A thank you!” gratitude.


“You shouldn't have done that

When the former ones,

Who had their fills, depart

The famished ones come forth

For their part

To si...

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humour. politics

A Win-Win Approach (A poetic one-scene drama)

Characters (All together six)

Ethiopia (Mother) , Blue Nile (son) , Riparian Countries (Two-R1, R2)
International Donors (Two- D1, D2)

A background music about Blue Nile  River and a backdrop about Blue Nile fall

(Abaye Negateba Habtun Yafesewal,
Chesalba Nedage Belew MenYansewal /
Day in and day out Abaye (BlueNile)
Pours down its wealth,
It will not be a hyperbole if
I dare call i...

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blue niledamwin-win

Self Destruction

Eskimos bury
The handle of
A razor-sharp knife,
Bearing a lump of
Frozen meat, to be precise
Layers of  blood In the wilderness of ice.
Lured Wolfs gather round it
And unaware their own
Snow-frozen tongues they slit
They voraciously lick, lick and lick
Along with own blood, hot and tick.

'What a windfall luck! '
They think
'We are feeding on our blood! '
Before comes to their hea...

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Awakening and rekindling
The exhilarating experience
Of being a cherished object
Of love and desire
With a flattering affectionate look
"Other than you I have
No beauty to admire!"
Fanning the ember of
An emotionally not-checked-in
Wife's lady hood in to a fire
I put off her attire
To enjoy a forbidden fruit
I never imagined
I could  succeed to acquire!

The girl who shunned me

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To victims of infidelitydestructive affair

Unmatched Grace

When a traditional
Music and dance,
A century-old bilateral
Ties, took place
A biracial and mesmeric
Greeck  goddess,
With chocolate Lucy's face,
Exhibiting elegance
And radiant face
With splendour
Leased in the citadel of
My heart a place
Making it palpitate
Picking pace
Driving home
The intermingling of
This with that race
At times lends human beings
Unmatched gra...

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beautybiracialromantic distance love dan hooks

Systematically Explicating a Narrative and Descriptive Poem


By Alem Hailu

The poem below decrying war was written by Lithuanian poet Salomeja Neris when her country was invaded by Nazi Germany. By way of showing how it is possible to explicate a narrative poem and invite readers reread the poem and grasp the meaning I will explicate her poem Spring as follows.


I Spring

Once again will lilac sing,

And brooks will babble, brooks, w...

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Bravo practice harmful tradation

In the far flung

Corner of the country born

There are tribal

Women,still, with ash

Cosmetic, red-soil

 -made hair lotions

And plates inserted

In their lower lips

Themselves  their way adorn!


When tourists

Pay such  women

A handsome money

To take  their photo

Young girls follow suit

"Slit your  lower lips

And insert a plate!"

As a motto! /


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harmful tradation surma tribes

Heroines in the dark


Though it is good
To bring to the limelight
Women brilliant,
In different walks of life
Who fought their way
To inaccessible height,
We must not forget
drudgery-saddled mothers
Who their children
To school send
With full stomach
Too deserve
A tap on the back!
This must be also
Included in our talk
Specially when March 8
We mark!//

Heroines in the dark

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March 8

Four hundered ninety


As it sounds sad
For a reason
I can't understand
Even after I extended them
A helping hand
Also a good Samaritan
I shook off their dust
And pulled them up
From the sand,
There are people
Who do  me
Things bad
"Do good to s/he
Who did  you
Things bad!"
On its head stand.

But up on
A bit reflection
Something bubbles up
To my attention
Despite His

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#odd #behaviour

Distilling from the past making tomorrow bright

Forefathers shedding blood
In a spectacular
Bravery and unity
"A violated-not sovereignty
And self confidence"
For posterity!
What is more
An unpolluted culture
And intact identity!

Thus, maintaining integrity
And hard-preserved identity
Getting poverty and lack
Behind our back,
For the coming generation
We have to pave the track
With Mega projects  Like
So th...

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#development # GERD

A Black Empress's Legacy (Taytu Betul )

I . Taytu Betul as a leader

“ Ethiopia is famed for being
A peaceful,hospitable and a warrior nation
How come  then it failed
To come to your attention,
As bees whose hive is threatened,
Citizens are ever alert to
To foil provoked aggression!

The 1889 treacherous
Wuchale treaty
I will tear apart
A messenger,with a tail
Between your legs,
Before you depart.
The Italian version

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#independence #freedom

A lake's obituary

The mob, elites, journalists
As well as poets like I
To our environment-unfriendly bent
Turning a blind eye
Also tardy in asking  "Why
We strip of mother nature's green mantle,
While to maintain the statuesque
It gets locked in a sever battle?"
Equally not checking overgrazing,
We allowed fertile soil and sand
Amok,wild floods ride
To a close by touristic lake,
Whose mouth an expansion

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Diffrent attitude of mind

The innocent

By the sweat of
One's brow
Their likes aspire
To grow.
For them
Bread and water
Is all right
So far as their walk
Could face the glare of light!

The corrupt

Bugs, they are not averse
To fattening
By the blood and tears of others!

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What do I care?

Ravishingly beautiful
On top of that
God-fearing and cool!
What do I care
Electrified and petrified
Unable to resist her pull
At a loss how
My senses to pool
Up on catching her sight,
A wind-beaten leaf,
Shaking all over
I prove a fool!?

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fidgeting overwhelemedlove

A sunny rain

Like walking
In a sunny rain
Yearning for you
In vain
Was a sweet pain!

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Self Canibalism

Ouroboros is its own meal

The same is true with

Those from own country that steal!


To humstrung the incumbent

Most party members are not hesitant.


Ouroboros,they adore their party,

Which they obliviously or

Otherwise sully with

A rent-seeking identity.

They adore the incumbent

Yet they spell nation's

Slow but sure death

Siphoning budget earmarked


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Elegy by a poet

Cold, close-fisted
Gluttonous grave
Please release
My age-old friend
From gambolling fields
Working place
To blessed bed!

Cold, close-fisted
Gluttonous grave
Please release
My wife and my life
My life and my wife
My love and my dove
My dove and love,
For my heart is her tomb
She leased with love
From her mother's womb!//

A n old poet friend of mine once told m...

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