When will it begins to liquefy?

The sun with its
Fingers of ray
Caressing and dubbing
Thawed the ice,
Which a brook,
Soon bubbled
Forward to advance!

When will my
Lovelorn and
The frost of loneliness
Congealed soul
Begins to liquefy
In a way
Description that defy
Fine-tuned to
A soul mate's voice
And enticing eyes
With a heart
Engaged in ecstasy
Choreographed dance?


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lovelorn soulmate

A Far Cry From

On the week we mark
The Saviour's birth
Taking the night out
For a none-stop
Alcoholic  bout
Running amok
Round the cloak
Is a far cry from

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Remiss in expanding

The mouth of the pit,
For a frog stranded in it,
Is the sky's limit!

Displaying reluctance
To expand mental horizon
That strengthens their stance,
Disputing permeates
Their parlance!

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Horizon dispute shallowness

A True Friend

When my ambition hits its mark
Or when I am in black
No one shows me his back.

Many are at my disposal for sure
So long as, I have some to offer.

They bleed me dry
And away they fly.

When I am in the red
I have no one around.

A true friend
Without saying it goes
Remains close
Despite the test
The turn of events pose!

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friendship opportunist genuine

Double victory

My foe cluttered down the pit

  He painstakingly dug for me

       To pitch down

               Head first






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cruel machavelian paradox

Truth Has More Risk

'As telling lies
Is dangerous,
To it, you
Have to be averse! '

Parents, teachers
And society
Made me, cherish
This mentality.

Along the age road
The hardest way a new
Lesson I did upload.

Awaits those,
More risk
The truth
Who opt to speak!

For reporting strife,
Beating to
An inch of their life,
Or hacking them with a knife
Detaining the innocent
Has become rife.

Yet ...

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Truth reporters journalists integerity risk

Diffrent faces of the same coin

Liberalizing democracy
To the extent of
Embracing perversion---
Going out of one's way
To promote sexual orientation--
Is no less transgression
Than strangulating it
With iron censorship--
Simply touting
The government
Is immaculate!


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Democracy fake mockery perversion censorship eas

Bouncing Back

Bouncing back
From cold shoulders
And many a rejection,
Resilient, I throw
My full weight
To get
What me await
In the storeroom
Of fate!

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Patience unstinting

Regeretted I

When I heard today
Your passing away
Regretted I
Failed to pay
You a visit why?

Regretted I
Why, why, why, why
Failed to say goodbye
On your sickbed
Looking at your eye?

Regretted I
Told you not why
Your kindness and honesty
Were descriptions that defy?

Submerged in life's
Rest-not-knowing chores
Oblivious I was of course!

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Elegy death visit life sad

Yes indeed 'Music is life's Sound Track! ' As on the rail of time An old song verse Transports us back A decade or a score Even more, To recollect A quality time With a lover We spent Though probably Now the boat Is irretrievably lost. Or it makes us rem

Yes indeed
'Music is life's
Sound Track! '
As on the rail of time
An old song verse
Transports us back
A decade or a score
Even more,
To recollect
A quality time
With a lover
We spent
Though probably
Now the boat
Is irretrievably lost.

Or it makes us remember
How with a life partner
We vowed to stick together.

May be it mirrors
The grief
When our close person
Turned brief.

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Music recollections memory

A stone can't

Only on grounds of seniority
By default
You try to assume authority
But mind that
Though for a century
Under water comfortably sat,
Swim like a fish
A stone can't!//


With no effort to acquire knowledge, at times  some members of the old staff undermine the young staff !

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Arrogance conceit

Who is the saint?

Is it the pompous pope
That blessed off tanks
And hailed fighter Jets
Bombs to drop,
On modestly armed patriots
Marching for a fair battle
Entertaining hope,
Not suspecting
A non-stop
Rain of
Banned poisonous gas
Lethal as Nazis
Mass destructive soap?

What is more
Is it
The self seeking pope
That sacrificed
An independent
Country, a push over,
Expecting a reward handsome
-  a...

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Holy martyr integerity facist colonizers

What a turn of fate!

While waiting
For a taxi
By a roadside
A young and  
An energetic lad
Came and
Without courtesy
Pushed me aside
To take a ride
Hopping on
A minibus taxi,
Only for one
A place had.

Before ebbs out
My vexation
Another taxi
Drew my attention.

I hopped in
Condemning a grave sin
The lad's action--
"Where is
his sense
of decorum,
Preached on
Religious and

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#death #fate #decourm

A shifting goal post

Passionately playing dart
With cupid arrow
To pierce your heart
I did squander
Many a year
Oblivious I am making
A blunder
Aiming at a goal post
That non-stop wander!


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Fickle fastidious love cupid

Devil could not be God

If willing
Their belief
On almighty
To relinquish
And  from
Their soul
For lucifer
A special dish,
For a while,
Devil will not be
Unwilling to grant
Sorcery and occultism
Blindfolded fools
The financial bonanza
They gluttonously wish
Or an earthly pleasure
They die to relish.

But at the height of
Their self contentment,
With a stab on the back
With a sharp knife

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#sorcery #occultism

The pitifulness of the pityful

In a bustling  open market
Before sunset
In buyers
And sellers heart
Seeking  a place
An emaciated old beggar
With a weather-worn face
Was pitifully collecting alms
Putting on tattered clothes.

Soon in a tear-jerking
And heart-wrenching manner
A poor blind boy
Playing a flute
Singing a song strong
Titillating everyone's heart
Invoked sympathy with art
"It was
On a cursed morn

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#sad #charity #selflessness #beging

An ape's bald butts

It is when
It climbs up a tree
An ape's bald butts
Nitpickers can see.

Before having
The talent on hand
An upstart, one mustn't
Forge forward!

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an upstart userper over ambitious

I can't help to ask

Two decades and
A half back,
A communist,
As a fad atheist,
To my chagrin
You taught us
"God doesn't exist!"

To my surprise
After mass
I saw you yesterday
Kneeling down
Hands upward
Wholeheartedly when
You Pray.

Out of His mercy
And benevolence
No doubt
God will forgive you
At once,
For what matters
Is your repentance.

But  I can't help to ask
What will be the fate of

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#years #atheist #misleading #formative

An overriding national feeling

Derartu, Haile, Tirunesh
Kenenisa, Meseret and all
With a similar footfall!

Displaying a superb
Long-distance athletic feat
When many superstars
Awe inspiringly you beat
And as a result of it
When your sought-for
And nation- prayed-for
Dream proves a hit
And also with kudos
A stadium full of people opt
You to greet
And when spectators
Accord you a high five
It is for ...

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Flagnationalistic feelingEthiopiaAthletesDerartuHaileTiruneshKenenissaMeseret

Like a cigarette

Bro,tell me please
To your heart's content
Enjoying a French kiss
In squeezing out
The nectar of their lady-hood
Not remiss,
Are the lasses
A cigarette
For a while you keep
By your chest
To burn them to ashes
And ignominiously
Squash them down
Under your heels?

For men  who take(suck) away everything they need from a woman and run away!

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Love selfish fickle Platonic

To hide a bloodstined hand

"To hide a wood
Plant it in a forest
One could! "
Practise that
Is what we should
To save our neck
When different courses
Time and history take.

Unless a circular we pass
For a handshake with us
How else and where else
Could we hide
Our blood stained hand!// 

To make a living citizens have to work but despots and their henchmen contravening the aforementioned right coerce them to ...

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Tyrranydespotshenchmenright violation

What shall I be ?

Shall I be a chameleon?

In a way that
Makes observers sick,
Shall I uncunningly
Side the slick?

Shall I optimize my chance
Echoing both
The good or wrong stance
Of who by unfair means
Seized the rein of power
And hence benefits
Will not be loath
On me to shower?

A chameleon,
Reflecting my surrounding
Shall I be
Self serving
As it has become
Nowadays a common thing?


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opportunist honest chamelion ermine slick

Fourtunately it resussicates

As mother nature's
Punitive measure
Against a society
In maintaining
The statuesque
That doesn't bother,
Our rivers
Had become subject
To a water thirst,
To the extent
Of projecting
Rocky ribs
Terrifyingly protruded out
For easy count!

But now thanks to
The all-out,terrace
And reafforestation effort
Of each catchment
Farmers have made a point
And also  to the afforestation

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#change #trees #erosion #climate #deforest

The Clamour Of The Silence

After the burial of
A neighbourhood child
I opted
To stay in the cemetery
Where lash grasses
And weeds grow wild.
Out of curiosity,
Inscriptions on
I began to read.

At  the height of
Her girlhood
To her parents' grief
A lass cut  brief.
I noticed as runs
The adage
“Drinking one's cup
To the last dregs”
Some had passed away
At a full ripe age,
Some had passed
Of na...

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What I felt after staying a bit in a cemetery

A corner

It is good giving emphasis
To concrete jungles
And infrastructural development,
But first leaders must learn to cut
A corner in their subjects' heart!

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Giving attention to the human element

A Shock Treatment

When I regretted
Why God is stingy
In showering me
With wealth
He took my health
Goading me
With a threat of death!

Praying when
I recuperated
I realized
Foolishly I had been
Daydreaming for wealth
My health
Is my
Number one wealth!/////

Who is Alem Hailu?

He is an emerging  Ethiopian poet,translator and author of all literary genres in the medium of English langua...

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GodGratefulnessHealthrude awekeningWealth

A Broken Heart Suffices


When a
Remorseful convert,
Astray that had gone far
Blemishing his /her soul
With Sin's tar,
Puts a broken heart
On the altar,
By far,
S/he could enjoy
God's grace
Or even
Win a higher place
In His face
Than a devotee,
Taking pride
In his/her deed,
Who oft mount
A spiritual war
Devil's way to bar.

It is with
A broken heart
The culprit
Hanged by the right
Of Jesus Chri...

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biblebroken heartGodhypocritsemercifulnessRepentance

A Hell Turned Paradise

My beloved
I always remember
Once my soul
Had taken a ride
On  a marital-bliss river
Jubilant nothing or no one
Could put us asunder.

But after I learnt
You have sown mistrust
On the fertile ground
Of my heart
When you cheated on me
Wilfully letting
A cherished corner
To a lover another
The quite donning
Ecstasy's river
Which I happily
Used to ride
Had taken leave
For ever

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#love #on #a #infidelity #fornication #chea

Attention to its grotesque faces


A ship sustaining
A tiny crack or thick
Is destined to sink,
Awaits the same story
A pilferers-leached country!

All the grotesque
Faces of corruption—
Task procrastination
What is more inefficient
Resource utilization—
Must not go out of
A developing
Nation's radar,
Expected corruption to bar
In its bid  to spur
The ship of developme...

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Corruptiondeveloping countriesjob placement by political affilation the emerging

Great Tiding

Blue Nile echo from shore to shore,
"Poverty in Ethiopia is no more!"

Above all,
From a precipice
To a valley when you majestically fall,
Thunderous over
The damp dell, mountain gorge when you roll,
As usual
With green, yellow and red
Rainbow arched,
Tell Ethiopia loud-
"You children thee very much adore,
A lip service they now abhor!
‘Blue Nile has no lodging,
Yet it loafs a log h...

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Enviroment smarthydropower dammutual regional growth

Think before you ink!


While a young lad
As a passing fad
Rebellious,he allowed
A love-making ethached
On his arm,
For saw no he
Any harm!

Now cool
He considers
Himself a fool
A responsible father
And a loving husband
At a loss
That tattoo
Where to hide!

Without putting off
The light
Or unless
His children are out of sight
He can't go to bed at night
Or take a shower
At day hour.

So, t...

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#tattoos #youth #rebellious #fad #regret #

Don't be a sheep in a goat's age

A sheep and a goat once
Got locked in a fracas

“Off you go!
Don't you know
You are an embodiment
For an idiot!
How dare you trample
On the leaf down
From the stem of an apple
That dangle
And which I was apt
To cut and eat.

I really hate
A sheepish creature of your sort
With alacrity to a dictate
Going to an altar is whose fate
And that no offense on others inflict
Or none cont...

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Newton Fourth Law

The back and forth motion
Will produce a lotion!

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PhysicsLaw of motionHumora record moment of happinesthe joyful occassions in life

To win or to remedy?

Just to win an argument
Oft the couples
Resort to a heated debate.

For a change
They never tried
To remedy a challenge.

They have themselves to blame
For a solution begging problem.

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Marriagefamily relationsad

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The survival of the slickest

The corrupt proving
To the development's wheel
A spoke
Ironically changed the saying
"Walk your talk to talk your walk!"
"Cloak your walk
Behind your  make-believe talk!"

Because it is time
For the survival of the slickest
Not the fittest.

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A Tit for a Tat

The pot called
The kettle
‘Black !'
The kettle rebuffed
‘Pot, cry not foul,
Nor must you bark,
While it is stark,
You are a sooty reflection
Of a night, pitch-dark! '
While the blood of children,
The fair sex, the feeble and the old
Is still fresh in their hand,
Perpetrators of genocide
Demand, the less democrats,
Cursed and shunned  
From a diplomatic mission,
Must step aside
By ...

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On the wrong heart

When a kid

I used to put

My boot

On the wrong foot

A grown up

I put trust

On the wrong heart!

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Still making mistakeswrong turnsmiss trust

Soft Money

To be kind
For those in need
I gave money off hand.

But soon
I turned cruel
When many took my giving
A for granted rule!

Spoils many
Soft money.

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charitydependency syndromeLifepersonal

Children Rhyme(for feedbacks )

Litreature is an effortles way of teaching  language.When I get enough money,illustrating them,I want to publish the following poems.I need your enriching feedbacks on the content and style.

A king born  

Once up on a time

There was an old king

Who used to worry

About one thing

'Surely one day

I will pass away!'


As many me advise

Among my sons

The wise

A he...

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Children rhyme.language teachinglanguage could be litteraryliterature is language

Soaring With Wings of Success

"When we hand down
This flag to posterity
Paying prices of life
To the country's
Age-old sovereignty,
It is with a word of caution
'This generation
Should accord due attention
To handing down
To the coming generation
A new Ethiopia
To fruits of development
A cornucopia! ' "

"Yes, grandpa
Working day and night
We shall take Ethiopia
To a new developmental height!

Once Ethiopi...

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Nationalist sentiment

Duel of hearts

A husband –> a wronged wife

“My dear take a chair
Your affair is unfair
I can't stand
A suffocating air
This way you and I
Could no longer continue
A loving pair
Soon to my parents
I  must repair!
How come for love of a tart
A marital vow
You thwart?”

This way since
You decided me desert
For what I did spurred
By transient lust
Chagrin my soul has hit.
As usual in deep slumbe...

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To victims of infidelitywhich is deadly than death

A 360 turn

The revolutionary ardent
Bordering on a prophet
For democracy's advent,
Up on grabbing
The rein of power,
With a superb
Acrobatic bent,
For a tyranny
Example set
For political tugs to emulate!

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To orator politicians who don't mean what they say

To hell I am inured

Her childhood she spent
In a backwater of development
Where harmful practices
Mainly the fair sex that subject,
Thrived rampant.

A blow on the row dealt
Broke she sobbed and wept
Irritate at a community
Social filths that tolerate.

On a way to school
Raped by a woody pool,
She and her dream
For a life better
Got asunder,
Not to mention
The lacerating physical pain
She was force...

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To rape victims in my country

Old Flame


Though irretrievably
We had missed the boat
And in the meantime comfort
From many a consort
I did sought,
Still your substitute
I haven't got
From the lot
Fate's wind
On its sway has brought.

Yesterday's old flame
Has conveyed to me
The same!

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love of my lifememorysad love

Come to Ethiopia

Come to Ethiopia


If nostalgia beset your mind
Come to Ethiopia
A cradle of mankind!

Come to Ethiopia
With no hesitation
Ancient civilization
Will engross your attention!

Before identity quest
You smother
Come to Ethiopia 'cause
Lucy, your great,
Great grandmother
You could watch closer!
A melting pot of
Over 80 ethnic groups who
With cordial hospitality,
Will embrace ...

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craddle of humankindEthiopiaHistoryturismregional

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