There is a rat to smell

You used to soar up with
A philosophic wing
A nightingale a peace-packed
Verse of democracy to sing,
So we became dupes
And thought seconding you
Or voting for you is a nice thing.
But as a Pandora box fate
Or like suffering
Scorpion's sting
Surfaced a strange thing.

Your sanctimonious disposition
Soon came to our attention
When you rosy mask
Suffered a crack
In a way that is stark.

To citizens
Facts on the ground
Has brought
Giving the benefit of the doubt
Accepting what you say
Without a grain of a salt
Is a fault.

On votary's of the truth
That lampoons your partiality
Waving a finger you began to bark
Recoiling back
To "They and we" parochialism sack
The "They" dubbed covertly or overtly
To attack.
Now unmasked you have the teeth of a rat
Revealing you are not better than a bat.

There is a rat to smell,
To the democrats
Which is a warning bell.


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