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Alem Hailu G/Kristos

Updated: Thu, 17 May 2018 08:31 am

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Mr. Alem Hailu is a published author from Ethiopia. He is a poet, novelist,translator,editor and journalist.He is M.A holder in literature from Addis Ababa University.Currently he is deputy -editor in -chief of the Ethiopian Herald. He is active participant of different poetry blogs such as,, and Most of his poems appear on the art and culture columns of various news papers. His published works include a cocktail of poems 'A vent to Stifled Emotion' by Trafford Publisher, ISBN 978149074888750988. A Boon of Classic Poems, translation in Amharic ISBN 9781312949980 published by lulu The truth and Dawn (And other short stories) 978-1-329-43915-3 lulu In the Vortex of Passion's Wind ISBN 978-1-329-38690-7 lulu (A poetic drama )and Pupils' Poem by lulu His novel is published by united.p.c. ISBN: 978-3-7103-2474-1 He is 40 and lives with parents


What a Farce To polling stations Going out in droves, With their unanimous voice, Electors made clear their choice- “A new breath of fresh air Would be fair! ” But as a democracy patrons Also democracy vendors, You thought- “Better an old Satan Than an angel new born, The heart of a new angel, We may not crack open!” As peace brokers, To dissuade voters You dinned into their ears, “Democracy is a process! Thus it entails The gradual unfolding of rights! Specially in developing nations, It is tardy in striking roots!” You also went to say “The ill-favoured government , Though by ballot card made out of play And adamant to let power away, A midwife to self-determination Had paved the way For the fairness you enjoy today. Imagine the price it had to pay!” Tirelessly you pleaded voters To see reasons And give the government A time-out and stalemate, Also to let it take part In a joint government! The hardest way What people learnt today Is democracy is indeed a process That could suffer setbacks, Or experience a lapse And down clutters A tyranny abyss! Double dealers Now as a democracy undertaker You venture to offer A hearse, What a farce! As history Recorded it in its annals Go ahead fish in troubled water, By your very nature You are capable To do nothing better! ///// Fire Balls As I was walking through The streets of Addis With a mood very high, Out of a clear blue sky, A spark ignited by a pair of Rolling big fire balls, Affixed on either side Of a straight nose, Like a thunder Unknown that falls Threw open my hearts doors. The spark embedded in the embers In my heart of hearts still lingers!////

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