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Clapping Hands to a Heroine


Before the curtain is raised the introducer briefs the audience about how an extremist group attacked the Ethiopian Nation Defense Force (ENDF) from the back and how a private woman solider forced a colonel, passing information to a traitor group, to surrender. Then she disarms and forces him to walk all the way to Eretria. He tries to sweet talk her to defect like him in vain.
( Followed b...

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Terrorizing the terrorist


Those who had been
Killing heartlessly,
Their back to the wall
Are now forced to fall!

Those who had been
Adamant to peace talk,
Vanquished, are
Beseeching for one
Seeking help round
The Sun!

Those who had been
Burning many
A church,
As a last ditch effort                                                                                                                              ...

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Like likes like


Though to lead WHO chosen,
My moral frozen,
Perpetrators of genocide
And fratricide
From my ethnic side
I have to  support
Abusing my diplomatic power
In a bid
They continue to use
On Ethiopians
Political cyanide.

I have to seek
From Egypt weapon support
Oblivious tomorrow
My likes and I
Will appear before
The international criminal court.///

To Dr Twedros Adhanom,whose tra...

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TPLF outperforming Satan

A hatred fiend,
Playacting a votary
Of democracy and federalism
To a gluttonous end,
“Unless we grip
The rein of power
Driving a divisive wedge
Along religious and
Ethnic lines, also
Orchestrating terror
Every hour,
See to every evil
We shall
Till the wind of change
Blowing over the nation
Suffers reversal.”

“On the world-acclaimed
Change drive
We shall inflict
Every possible ha...

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atavismcorruptiontplf genocide

The imbecile's verbal dosido


"Egypt will blow up
The Grand Ethiopian
Renaissance Dam!
Ethiopia ,a symbol
of Pan Africanism,
Could forget
Its development map,
For Egypt will help
Carry on colonial legacy
In to the future,"
So  did
A verbal dosido
The ill-famed abuser.

"We dote on Egypt,
Terror sowing
In Ethiopia.
Ironically a terrorist
My self
I will strike out
Sudan from terrorist
If it sid...

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World's ever myopic president

It is right
It is right
'Only those
That stand under a tree
Know how ants bite!'

"Unless I saw things
Flaunting, I
Used not
Facts to understand!

In this regard
I often said off hand
'Concerning Covid-19
You could be off
Your guard
I do not agree
With a bizarre
Lockdown decree.'

Me if you ask
Why put not you
A face mask?
I will laugh
Behind your back.

While innumera...

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Racist let us kill a great nation


If made to have
An axe to grind
Rubbing with nails
A social scar
Left behind,
Ethnic groups
Itching to go for
One another’s throat
Hard may not be
To find.

With the aim to gain
Cheap popularity
By using impish trick
Employing scare tactic
To hack social fabric
Phony politicians
Exhume the hatchet
Among ethnic groups
To blow
Previous petty clashes
Out of proportion
From th...

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The saga of Abdissa Aga


Suspected of attack
On fascist Graziani
He was in house arrest
As the case was with
Suspects the rest.

A prisoner of war
Then  via Somalia
He was sent to Rome
Found a black lion
If left at home.

Together with
A prison inmate
From Yugoslavia
Called Julio
He made a rope
Out of a blanket
The reason
To descend down
And escape
From a tower prison.

In a show of contempt

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A false positive

Despite Blue-Nile
-lower-riparian countries' clamor
For possible dearth
Of water
So that GERD, condemned,
A reversal suffer
They are  now inundated
By the river.

Had GERD not been
Born to life
Imagine how their
Plight could be rife!

See how the stance of
So called a great leader
With a brain of a bird
Proved absurd.

// //

Nature proved them wrong thx to God. Read  my poem That...

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Soft Target


A fallen tree
Suffer too much axe.

When one experience
A fall from grace
In the grueling life's race
When golden days are gone
Anon, many are quick
To throw stone!///

The opening line is an Amharic proverb

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Pat Ethiopia on the back than stab it in the back

We are afraid
As we give you aid
We have the liberty
To maneuver your head
To the extent your are
Deprived a go ahead
To tend
Your  self-development
And self -reliance

"When money speaks
the truth is silent"
If you want to continue
Our client
Remember you're macilent
So  try not to be violent
Fighting back  with" Though
I'm poor I 'm somebody!"
'Cause,snobbish, we may pr...

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Hell knows no fury

How come
The heart-wrenching
And the  unexpected
Widow's grief

The lady in black
Soon defying
Funeral decorum
Put on pink clothes
Decency that lack
Simply to attack
A deceased
Cheating husband
Whose unfaithfulness
Kept in the dark
Soon after funeral
Became stark!

Aghast adultery
Hell knows no fury.

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adulteryangrybitter and twistedcheatingconfusiongriffparadoxsadunfaithfulness


Oh women
They kill a man
Who could die for them
And die for he
Who could kill them! ///


(A remark by a woman about women )

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A poetic justice

He took his wife
A punching bag
He is at liberty to hug
Or to blow up steam
By her hairs to drag.

As it may sound sad
He opted to project
A doting husband facade.

When she became vocal
About this
To his parents
Who she called
Mom and dad
"We do not expect
Our well brought up
Son with
Something underhand!"

"We are afraid
The complaint is not
Plausible as he has
A cool head!" the...

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Historic cusp

GERD has started
To hold water
Though Egypt's
Phony politicians
Were making
Many a chatter
That doesn't
Hold water.

At long last Ethiopia
Is set free,
Shaking of spokes,
Its developmental take off
To decree.

To conflict-exporting
Egypt's divisive wedge
And conspiracy
Ethiopians no more
Give ear
Cherishing a prosperity
Journey dear.

In tackling
A mammoth project
Ethiopia on it...

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Blue NiledamEgyptEthiopiaGERDhydropoletics AfricaSudan


I spent the day
In a bad mood
With no hap stance
I could count good.

But at sunset
Miraculously I witnessed
The sun rose on my sky,
While crossing paths,
Object of my sight love,
Saw you closer I.///

Catching the sight of a love object has mood-uplifting powe

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No more masks(Revised 2)

A poetic drama (One Scene)

( Egypt’s parliamentary farce)

(The spokesperson on the presidium strikes the table with a wooden hammer and asks for order. Participants become quiet.
Raise your hands and reflect your views on today’s point of argument— The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD ) on Blue Nile. Various people representatives raise hands,
The spokesman say...

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Before UN
Or the global limelight
Flagrant, let us talk
"GERD we threaten to attack,
If for technical reasons
It suffers a crack
Will wipe out
Down stream dwellers
With the water it
Carries on its back."

Upstream dwellers
Our brothers,
With all sorts of trouble
That we try to envelop
And around whose neck
We spare no effort
To put a rope
Could develop
Coerced for hydropower

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Fathers Are Wonderful People By Helen Stiner Rice/Translation In Amharic/ by Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos


Fathers are wonderful people
Too little understood,
And we do not sing their praises
As often as we should...

For, somehow, Father seems to be
The man who pays the bills,
While Mother binds up little hurts
And nurses all our ills...

And Father struggles daily
To live up to 'his image'
As protector and provider
And 'hero of the scrimmage'...

And perhaps that is the reason
We somet...

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In memory of a great poet


Lately, while I was
Scouring the internet
A shock I felt
Up on learning
A tragic news
A google-found friend
Of mine
On the western end of
My continent
But for a while
We experienced
A disconnect
To my grief
Had turned brief.

What a depriving blow
What a depriving blow
To poetry fans
That missed
Words of wisdom
From his mind that flow.
Life, love,
Hope and salvation packed

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Kiss me not mom and dad

Mom and dad

Me if you adore

Kiss me not

Till COVID-19
Is no more!  ///

As part of the sensitization work on physical distancing  I heard a kid on ETV saying so.

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A poem as a Panacea

Suicidal, reclining on a sofa
Gazing at his partner’s photo,
A handsome friend of mine I got
He was by an overwhelming love smote.

To optimize hers and his pleasure to trim
She opted suddenly to desert him.

Buddy, what weighs so heavily on your mind?
Get it off your chest a solution I may help you find!

“An attractive girl sweet-talked me into love,
She playacted as one sent from above.
But all of a sudden,...

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The flesh and the spirit(By Anne Brandstreet)/ስጋና መንፈስ/Translation/By Alem Hailu

In secret place where once I stood
Close by the Banks of Lacrim flood,
I heard two sisters reason on
Things that are past and things to come.
One Flesh was call'd, who had her eye
On worldly wealth and vanity;
The other Spirit, who did rear
Her thoughts unto a higher sphere.

"Sister," quoth Flesh, "what liv...

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#flesh #spirit #tempetation #religiou

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