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Don't be a sheep in a goat's age

A sheep and a goat once
Got locked in a fracas

"Off you go!
Don't you know
You are an embodiment
For an idiot!
How dare you trample
On the leaf down
From the stem of an apple
That dangle
And which I was apt
To cut and eat.

I really hate
A sheepish creature of your sort
With alacrity to a dictate
Going to an altar is whose fate
And that no offense on others inflict
Or none con...

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An advice given to me from a slick person to be sl

Your coronation

For seconds closed shut
Organ senses mine the rest
Remained fettered my eyes
To yours, eyes that catches,
Sclerotic gems
From milky star-hewn
At the cores
With jewels brown.

It is when
You looked me askance
With arched eyebrows
I realized at once
Though not
In so many words
I have declared
Your coronation
In my heart of hearts!

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Experiancing love at first sight

When peace is no longer under threat

For safely passing
A pitch-dark evening
Under His protective wing,
Praise to the Almighty
Birds sing every morning,
What a nice thing!

Whenever men broken pray
God's omniscient ray
Their problem melts away!
Though unforgettable such a day,
Soon human-beings forget
A prayer to say!
Why should men thanksgiving forget
When peace is no longer under threat?

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A happy thanks giving to writeoutloud members

Tight rope

All sides, when darkness me envelop
Hopelessly, when unthinkable seems hope
A chimera, when the abyss
With saw-like teeth yawns
Expectant me to drop,
To cling on, to cross over
There is a tight rope
God-for a single second
That doesn't stop
To emerge atop
Up all problems that pop!

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Death valleyFrustrationGodHopeking DavidSpiritual


Home, when I repair
The day's drudgery
Rolled over
Daddy has come!"
When my children cheer
Banging the door,
Bathed with smiles
When my wife,
A pillar of my life,
A kiss on me confer,
And also
When we say a prayer
Sitting for dinner,
Revamped I turn
For a drudgery in store!

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A true wife is a gift from God as says the bible

The survival of the slickest

The corrupt proving
To the development's wheel
A spoke
Ironically changed the saying
"Walk your talk to talk your walk!"
"Cloak your walk
Behind your  make-believe talk!"

Because it is time
For the survival of the slickest
Not the fittest.


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Because I see many corrupt officials preaching abo



With an insatiable urge
For your walk
Chalk and Talk
You illumine the dark
With eternal spark.

Teacher,you torch bearer
You render meaning
To the gist of living
Burning and shining
A lighting candle
Every passing second
That does dwindle.

For posterity you pave way
Which is your sole pay!

Though poverty
Is attached
To your holy profession
Keep on building a nation!

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While I was a teacher people used to ask me don't

Quite strange

Finding ourselves

No longer two,

I and you

Set a plan

To prove

One plus one is one.

But averse to

What arithmetic decree

We ended up

One plus one is three!

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Two spouses with a newly born

Back to square one

That ethnic group,
A tyrant,
Was not a democrat!

On our right
For long it had
Indifferently squat,
Our throat, mercilessly it
Was about to cut.

Now scenario's reversed
The rein of power
We have gripped,
Democracy we have introduced!

To the follies
It made in its heyday
It has to pay
Come on,on it
Swing a stone
The dark days have gone!

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African democracyrevenge

A balm

The lapse of
An energetic lad
For the failure
Is a news grand!
'cause getting a balm
His scared soul
Turns calm--
"I'm not single alone
With ill-fate marked born!"

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Same by fate

The incident I never forget

To get a fresh air
A night stroll would be fair,
I thought
And switching the TV
I got up from my chair.

On the pavement
Of a nearby apartment
A lovely girl by accident
I  met,
Who looks timid and decent.

On my part a wink
On hers a response quick
Lovers soon we begin to click
And engaged in a kissing spree
On the street
Our arms locked behind
Our waist
To passers by
Completely in...

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Up on getting a schock treatment

Lacerating is the pain

Love of my life,
The knowledge
We are on the ball
Makes me take pride
And walk tall.

Even if
About me
You know all,
Try to understand
The problem
On my side,
Every time lacerating
Is the pain
Parted,till I get you again!

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For a husband who pine for his wife when she gets


Love is not
By fair means or foul
Meeting ones end,
But it is the negative good
Care to the beloved is ensured!

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Upon seeing true lovers outdid by the 'love them a


When the water whirls and whirls again
 And gurgling when it goes
down the drain,
 Forming a funnel,
The clay terrain
Caked on the bathing
Pool that does remain,
 Conjures in one's mind the excerpt,
 "Man you are
dust and to dust you shall return!"

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bibleMan is made of dust

Have you visited your brother in need ?

Though barely clad,
He was fully attired
With chocolates of mud,
Which even pasted
A leg-burrow
Of a small
Walking scarecrow,
What a sorrow!

A sore -eyed
And malnourished child
That developed
A log bandy
'cause buckling from
A pot-belly
Subject to ailments every
Prominently Kwashiorkor
And scurvy
By twist of fate
Pushed out
To the street
To sleep he used
By every bus-stand,

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Helping each otherStreet children


Befriending hundred girls smart
Doesn't afford half the delight
As catching your sight!


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Lovesight love

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