This Place


This building, this monument to my demise

This place supplanted for working I have come to despise


This battleground of angst and stress

Its tendrils tear down and barriers undress


My everything lies broken upstairs in my mind

My hopes and my dreams like dust from the grind


A warzone where many face few

An enemy within each day anew


My brain I’ll call revolver as it chambers the next bullet

My psyche I’ll call nemesis as I want for them to pull it


My demons number many and feast unabated

Misadventure my crime over care demonstrated


I fall victim to me in matters of the heart

So alien am I, unknown, where to start?


Mistake after mistake I wish not to hurt anyone anymore

Truth is and always that I hurt everyone before


So pallid and deathly have I become

Where to turn which way should I run?


I’ll never be cured whilst there’s always a me

What’s there to cure it’s just me to a tee?

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alan barlow

Fri 3rd Jul 2015 21:20

I'm extatic, honest...

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joe kozarzewski

Fri 3rd Jul 2015 17:27

sounds like you're satisfied to be in a humdrum place

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Rose Casserley

Wed 1st Jul 2015 08:50

cool! x

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