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inspired by a painting by goya a favourite of mine, enjoy.



Blackened must hung in the frenetic air, unnerved into quivering frenzy

A haze of moisture filled the dank arena, every minute droplet bearing witness

Dreary and silently foreboding, the light was fearful to enter


Even the walls shed their masks unveiling ashen and soulless facades

Ventured forth and left this terrible place had colour and whimsy gone

Spatial awareness ran wild throwing hooks into boundaries once so far away,

Eviscerated fascias being pulled in ever closer by those claws of steel


Cowed in the corner our reader sees the massive beast and dare not breathe

Filling the void of the once ample chamber this presence descended like water

My eyes strobed its movement I think?

For such a thing could not move as such

Its naked form wretched and visceral, flailing as if tormented

I shrunk back within myself as it turned and I drank in what lay before me

I choked back bile upon its hideous maddened eyes burning beyond me

Eyes that bore holes way deeper than any knife could sink through my hopeless flesh

Wide and engorged with endeavour at what lay before him

A thick mane of electric tangles medusa like in appearance draws my attention

Wanton a distraction from what the massive being had been gorging upon


Clasped in hands that could fell elephants, a body?

A normal man?

My eyes surely played magic before me, surely now?

Then terror scythed my melancholy

Head devoured, arms headed toward the same fate

This was a man no more but a hunk of lifeless meat

Blood slicked down the nightmares torturous face, mouth agape

Black obsidian death lurked within, screaming for company

The gates of hell perhaps?


How could what towered before me offer itself in such a way in this world?

Belittling men like ants smashing them barehanded and snacking on their remains

Men or children?

◄ that night

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<Deleted User> (8672)

Sat 18th Dec 2010 11:13

Just spotted this one but as a fan of Goya myself, there are some great lines here, Alan and you've clearly put a lot work into this, which deserves serious study. I particularly like 'terror scythed my melancholy'. There is a lot of truth in myths, particularly in this one as jealousy is perennial.

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