the ghoul


a little experimental for me but i welcome your thoughts people thanks in advance.


With blistering shrills the wraith made its presence known

Ashen, misty white this shadow of life lay before me

No eyes gazed upon me but torn holes in reality

Behind with obsidian blackened foreboding imprinting itself upon all

An essence of fear gripped the core of my being

A sense of abandon as this horror of beyond “stared” through me

A fear like no other befell me I trembled so, my blood iced my heart stilled

I felt a whimper fall from beyond my lips

Our party cowed and helpless for how can death be dealt twice?


The spectre menacingly stared at length and above from where we “stood”

If it had knowing then it displayed itself and let fear do the rest, for no sooner had this horror appeared then it was gone

The solitary scream of the hovering beast still reverberating in us all

The fear though had not followed this fiend it lay thick like a smog in the air

Replacing it almost with a cloud of hopeless terror


As I flicked into my body and sense returned I shivered

And for a moment stared agog in disbelief doubting my very eyes

Until that is then the tears came and the inevitable wails from the fairer sex

Truth be known had it not been for their tears my own would have quickly stained my cheeks

Then I comforted the closest beside me never have I been in a vice before ‘til this moment

As ascending music filled the air eerily all around, my thought darted to and fro


But then the auditorium lights beamed in and I uttered “look kids its time to go”

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