transgressions of a furious mind

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I gaze vacantly, hopefully nodding and grunting in all the right places so as not to lengthen the tirade of mindless idiocy, pitter pattering upon my beleaguered ears, Surely its obvious about my intent to save more brain cells from sleeping to death?

Could anyone be so stupid or unaware?


I feel it more with each beat, a volatile uprising within, bubbling rage at such blissful ignorance of the situation, is it not obvious that the more you pet the pretty coloured snake, fangs bared, eyes fixed the greater the likelihood of attack?


Yet no,

Tap, tap, tap like a blistering metronome in my head surely one more spark will cause the ignition,

Like a child that has discovered the bell on the bus and wont leave it alone,

Anxiety builds at rapid pace, the unease creeps through my muscles,

Can’t be long now,

The slight ticks, the minutiae twitches,

I could kill the sweetest of creations right now with such brutality that a more devastating effect was never before seen,

Eviscerate my prey with clinical precision; it would only be a disturbance that could cease my mantra of destruction,

I visualise the horror in which I could create yet I cringe not,

Prod, prod, prod………..

I could lose my fist in your skull and pinch those incessant vocal chords from chirruping chaff,

But a flick up of the eyes a grunt and a chance to slope away, seethe and await the next disturbance,

I will be imprisoned in body in mind eternally.

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