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Sometimes we’re only supposed to look and not see

But each of us is, as we are supposed to be


If it wasn’t for you

And if it wasn’t for me


Then our meeting would never have come to pass

You are loved for being you, no buts nor alas


So little do you know that so much of me has changed

You saw through my defences, over years they had aged


So grateful to you, that picked my locks

So worn was I that my mind lay in stocks


At the time I lay bare, confused and in awe

At the time I was nervous no words passed my jaw


Confusing it was, for both I am sure

For moments in passing, both of us sore


Emotions span wild and untamed like the wind

But those moments and memories I’ll never rescind


Your times have been testing of that much I’m sure

To face the world tear stained, forever a chore


A travesty it is that anyone should hurt so much

But let people in and be cured by their touch


To be surrounded by love, sometimes a prison

To be loved so totally and without schism


The signs of our strength, often built on our weakness

So difficult to repair when often we lie sleepless


I feel I have “seen”, as though you have taught me such

To not be afraid, reach out again, feel and touch


A token gesture in part

This gift from my heart


To always be true is my gift to you

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alan barlow

Sun 17th Aug 2014 13:00

thankyou very much for your comment and im glad you enjoyed the piece. some pieces do come easier than others and this happened to be "one of those pieces"

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Roy Chetham

Sat 16th Aug 2014 23:16

Beautifully worded and constructed, so much great and deep sentiment. I like this rather well.

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