Play temptation

he's always been

a good and honest man

acquainted with true love


he's happy

and blessed with good health

toils for a living

lives within his means


Satan enjoys a challlenge

singles him out

and invites him

to play temptation


a game of dice

win and you

shall have three wishes

lose and I'll

have your soul


he graciously declined

informing Satan that

he's not wanting

for anything


adding he was in the

twilight of his life

and soon his soul

shall be set free


stakes were raised

and rejected

several times

Satan disappointed

retreated to Hades.




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Paul Sayer

Mon 13th Jul 2020 21:26

Abdul, you can't say things like that

joked Po

As normal old friend, you are 100%

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Abdul Ahmad

Mon 13th Jul 2020 16:36

Po the devil is a necessary creation to engender fear to gain control over....

Thank you for striking the like.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 13th Jul 2020 10:16

typical male... a bad loser.

this inspired me to write my poem the other day. lol.

Keep writing old friend

Show the foolish devil for the fool he is.

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Abdul Ahmad

Mon 13th Jul 2020 09:49

Anmolpreet Kaur thank you for the red rose accompanying your comment.

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Anmolpreet Kaur

Mon 13th Jul 2020 05:26

What a tempted game Abdul.


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