Will Christmas 2020 happen?

Autumn natures bounty gifts.

Hedgerow fruits in season come.

Sweetest blackberries are ready for picking.

The dog rose bows with heavy red orange rosehip clusters.


Damascence plums beg to be made into jam.

Hazelnuts fallen under hazel tree send squirrels into nut cracking frenzy.

Amber coated falling beech leaves a deep leaf litter create.


Soon it will be time to hunker down and embrace the dark. 

Whilst winter will cast its shadow it shall be time for new beginnings too.


Migrant birds will arrive to settle in winter homes to escape the ravages of continental snow and gorge on hedgerow berries.


But shall we be able to escape the covid restrictions and be allowed to celebrate the birth of Christ when brightness starts to triumph over darkness this coming winter solstice?


Will Christmas 2020 happen?

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Abdul Ahmad

Sat 3rd Oct 2020 16:31

Paul thank you for sharing your warm thoughts on this subject.

I can already savour the bouquet and taste of the sweet sloe gin maturing in your humble abode.

I'll be joining the druids to partake in pagan solstice rituals to celebrate rebirth of nature.

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Paul Sayer

Fri 2nd Oct 2020 18:29

Wonderful poem Abdul, thanks for this.

The Solstice will be in full swing in my humble abode, I will raise a glass or two for you and all you hold dear.

We are planning a sloe picking trip down the old railway track to add to some gin, and some wild crab apples and rosehips to make some yummy chilli jelly jam.

I have never seen so many acorns fall as I have this year.
The holly tree is more red than green.

Not looking good in terms of us having a harsh winter this year.

Nature knows best.


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Abdul Ahmad

Fri 2nd Oct 2020 18:05

Shifa thank you for your continued support. The new word is pre-Biblical in origin.

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Shifa Maqba

Fri 2nd Oct 2020 15:53

An extremely profound piece. Leaves you with so much to think about. And, hey! Your poem taught me a new word too- Damascence.

All in all, very well written!

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