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The Lion Queen

I must go down to the sea again, to the Lion Man and his shack
To follow the Lion Queen again on her sand blown, rocky track

To hear the heaving ocean, Breakers thundering on the shore
Where the whale bones bleach under pitiless skies
And the wind whispers “never more”

Never more to the Queen of the lion clan
Who bestrode these shattered wastes
Oblivious to the eyes of the man
All alon...

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conservationnaturalistlovelionthe seaJohn Masefield

Our Lungs


Be still, and feel

This gentle breeze

That brushes by

With careful ease

And ruffles leaves

Upon their trees

And scatters far

Their fruitful seeds

Which vein the earth

To start anew

So you and I 

Can live here too!


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Humans: the race that plagues the Earth

You see the USA and UK
Having pride for our race
When really, we are a disgrace
But the truth always is the hardest thing to face

We hurt the world that gave us life
Proving our greed has no price
We are a plague upon the earth
Taking it for all that it is worth
Money comes before conservation
Because nothing is worth it, without gaining a sum
Disguising our greed as caring for what's ...

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Humanshumanraceplagueconservationcharitypollutiondestroying the planetdestructionearth

Murray River

That first time I sensed you at the old Tocumwal railway bridge,

I peered out the window like a child

at the window of a lolly shop,

It was night,

I could barely see your glittering reflections

In the darkness, your breeze surrounded

My face with a scent of fresh cool water

And a hint of parched eucalypt


When I returned you welcomed me

like a fostering mother,


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conservationaustraliamurray rivereco poetry

For the Corncrakes Sake and Mankinds


The corncrake has been saved more or less by efforts of the "Save the Corncrake" movement in Ireland, and the RSPB in the UK. The bird, its distinctive sound once common, is now only in a few hinterlands, one of the main ones in the callowlands around Banagher in County Offaly, and down into Lusmagh and also Meelick and Clonfert in neighbouring Galway, where ...

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