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tiny bits




tiny bits

WTF did oxford pilot do in the flying abortion he was flying? that question i ask. the darker part of war. that the villagers state is true, the answer. did the canadian pilot DELIBERATELY RAM the german hornisse heavy fighter? no of course not. the oxford broke apart under 20mm cannon fire. and the kraut was hit by debris. but the locals said he knew the hornisse would...

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Next Fight

Next Fight

How easy is it for countries who are friends

To become enemies and go to war?

Like Britain and Argentina in the 80s

Argentina bought British warships

Their crews trained here in 81

But in 82 they invaded the Falklands

We were at war and we won that war

But hundreds on both sides were killed

This is one example of conflict

It can and will happen again


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The Last Call

As the yellow mist

rolls across the fields

of slaughter

The young man thinks

Of  his unborn daughter

How would she have looked?

How would she have grown?

Would her heart have been full

From the love he had shown?

Would her smile have been his?

Would her eyes have been blue?

And shimmer in sunlight

like fresh morning dew?


Yet, he knew not her mother


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Don't Forget


The unknown soldier beckons


Don't forget, don't forget


The lost, who somewhere lie


Don't forget, don't forget


The grieving family ties


Don't forget, don't forget


The defeated & the broken


Don't forget, don't forget


with mental scars unspoken


Don't forget, don't forget


The veteran in the street


Don't forget...

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The Beast Of War




Before the war, Dad would snore

After his shift & a few beers

On the floor, on the couch

The big, lazy slouch


Mam would just roll her eyes

(Give him a sly dig)

Clootie pudding on the table ready

For when his eyes opened slow & steady


He never spoke of 'The Great War'

Of which he had scars to bare 

But sometimes his eyes would well

In rem...

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mental healthveteransWar

war weapons haiku

Big bucks being made/weapons sales contracts, slush fund/death big business

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warweaponsprofitmilitary industrial complex

Children in the war

A child is stuck in the war

Her screams are unheard in her throat

Her mother is bleeding

In the ruins of the kitchen

Another child is running

To the ocean in her dream

The bullets do not seem

To let her go a single step

Another child is lying

Under the old pink blanket

With prayers in her whispers

Wanting to be deaf

To be deaf to the bombs

Falling from the ch...

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war poetrywarchildren

A War To Be Won

Happiness is victory
Though I won't win every battle
I will win the war.


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happinessmeditationshort poemvictorywar

Senshi (戦士)

My love is a two-edged weapon, wielded by insecurity and strikes with fear. 


Akin to Pandora’s pithos, it remained concealed; destruction would only come of openly sharing it to the outside world. 


My heart is shielded, once scarred by mistrust, now a lone vessel playing a broken melody looped: 




Just as soldiers march through wet trenches in p...

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Check the bolt Falklands Two.



Check the bolt Falklands Two.


Check the bolt

For action

Hands slip and slide

Mud and sweat

Sweat and mud

“Alright mate”


“Alright mate”


“We’ll be alright”


Said a thousand times 

a thousand times

“Alright mate”


Check the bayonet

Check the bolt

Check the mag.

Fucking hands


And sweat

Fucking ...

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Ah' Chris mate. 8th June 1982. Falklands One

Ah' Chris mate. 8th June 1982. Falklands One


Ah’ Chris mate,

What a fate,

We’d laughed 

and cavorted

Before the fun.

I’d had sex

In Pompey

And lots of rum.


It’d take a lot

To make us run.

You in your engine room

Me in mine.

All seemed well

All seemed fine.

Your ship

Was knightly

Mine was grey.


As we both looked

Out on that mis...

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WarAutobiographySir Galahad.

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