January 2021 College poem: Moments of Sunlight

Atlas got lost when the wind blew his A-Z into the hurricane.

From caterpillars to butterflies --- hopefully we will all finally
Emerge from Covid's chrysalis-like grip.

Tapping on the door where a poet once lived changing
The meaning from a haiku to a sonnet in seconds
Fire melts her best form on this damp summer day
The three men, lost inside, drinking coffee until the dawn
And the ne...

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2021January Collage poemMoments of Sunlight

The New Year 2021

As we welcome in 2021,
We are pleased that last year has now gone.
So what now shall this new year bring?
Will we once again laugh and smile and sing?

Of this virus can we soon be rid?
As we abhor the dreadful things it did.
And it is now time to cling to hope,
As last year many found it hard to cope.

What has this new year got in store?
We shall not yield to Covid any more.
So will ...

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2021Stuart VannerThe New Year

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