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My Parents / Parenting in General

Is parenting impossible

Or am I just unfit?--

I know my parents raised me right

     And still I went to shit--


I'd like to think I'm capable,

But ignorance is bliss--

If I'm the best that they could do

     And I turned out like this…

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dubito ergo sum


I know I'm not allowed to want you back

But I'm afraid I'm guilty of the crime--

There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do

To feel you in my arms just one more time

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dubito ergo sumunrequited love


So much is freedom asking of the free

Discernment and accountability

It isn't all we make it out to be--

     Surely not for all it costed me

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dubito ergo sum

I Thought I Knew of Hatred

I thought I knew of hatred all there was

Until I got the hatred I deserved

               Before it had been easy to dismiss

               Since it was blind, and I was innocent


But now I find myself without excuse

Responsible for earning this abuse

               I wouldn't dare expect anything less

               It's up to me to clean up my own mess

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dubito ergo sum


Turning twenty-one made beer taste worse.

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dubito ergo sum

The Library

Are mysteries e'en knowable?

Can questions ask themselves?

Will they continue to collect

Like dust upon these shelves?


Alone inside this labyrinth

I search the texts for clues--

I bet the quest is worth my time

And every time, I lose


With all the sense of idiots

But with the skill of dancers--

So many books have authors penned,

And still so little answers

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dubito ergo sum

I Look For Certain Things In Poetry

I look for certain things in poetry

I look for art, not ambiguity

I try my best to read with acumen

To recognize the poem's qualities--

Like when its depth is greater than its length

Or when its use of metaphor is fair

When it employs conventional techniques

When it examines universal themes

When its remarks are witty and sublime

When its arrays of lines and stanza rhyme


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dubito ergo sum

Sunsets & Birdsong

It seems as though I wake up

Just to dwell on what is wrong--

Even though each morning

     Without fail--begins with birdsong--


I loathe the night when it comes,

For there's day to squander yet!

Even though the ev'ning brings

     Each time--a perfect sunset--


The world has routine beauty;

Ev'ry morrow guarantees it--

But I'm the sorry fool who

     In h...

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dubito ergo sumNature

The Willow Tree

it is a strange thing to return home

after years living away

the sun still sets on the same hills

     and rises on the fields the next day


the only thing that ever changes

it seems--is this willow tree

in the old backyard

     planted by my father and me


the crops mature, but then they're reaped

the grass gets tall, but father mows

the people here are still...

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dubito ergo sumNature

The Mysteries Within Us

I find it strange how much we know

About the universe--

How--in comparison--our knowledge of ourselves

Is worse


We have explored the heavens

We have walked upon the moon--

You'd think we'd solve the mysteries within us

Just as soon

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dubito ergo sum


I've seen it in my father's eyes

after too many drinks

I've seen its blight in everything

he does and says and thinks


          I've seen it in the bloody nose

          that stained my mother's blouse

          I've seen it waged in silence

          in this god-forsaken house

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dubito ergo sum


My finest words come out

When I confront things face-to-face;

The more I pencil candidly,

                          The less I will erase

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dubito ergo sum

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