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"Cancel Couture"

Go home

Take a shower

Put on your brand-new Couture


Walking down the street as clean as can be

Though you know your character lacks such hygiene

Carefully avoiding anything that will dirty your all-white attire

Your outfit is custom made of course


But yet the inevitable happens

The same way you ruined the previous ensemble

Destroys any hope for salvage

And w...

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Green Eggs

she flicks a crackling orange tip
careless eyes gloss over
with sucking blue leisure
spirit-fumes waft airborne
tendrils from a two-fingered draw
exhaling through pursed lips
the aroma of a thoughtless meditation
symbol of a shared peace
the ritual of letting down
last rite before a firing squad
truce from the pace


the target of a new prohibition
saying, danger, danger
ban t...

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Haiku #7 2021


spring is springing up:
green fingers pierce through the ice,
no force can cancel.


Limericist 2021

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