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Four Dimensional Shadows

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Self kindness feels like a realisation of relief from the old familiar torment. An inspiration that feels happy.


Inhaling smoke that numbs the mouth and elevates the emotions.


Is it counter evolutionary to seek the truth when truth may not be conducive to happiness? And are we talking truth of facts or truth?


Only the unhappy can appreciate an art or a philosophy that is to...

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Apricot Tot Forget Me Not

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Hunger hone's the sharpness of the blade that cuts with ravenous need.


The universe takes a casual disinterest in our suffering as some authors take in the suffering of their literary characters.


The certainty of a vaugeness is one that looms.


How would society stand and what would its appearance look like? Contrapposto with one foot on its self severed head?



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Empty Vast Infinite Sky

Isn't it strange when you look at the sky and realise that it fits inside of your eyes?

The present moment of thinking is always historical.

Ideas emerge in space not the superficial noise of the mind.

If my thoughts were audible I'd of been lynched years ago.

With noise your friendship is a limited pool. But a friend of silence is a friend of all sentient and non sentient beings.


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The Serenity Of A Peaceful Sadness

All the animals I love and have forgotten have starved to death. I open the door to their room and it feels like punch of sadness in the gut.


When I slash myself to ribbons with a scalpel I don't take myself seriously. I'm just the punchline of a sick joke. 


The pitch dark of depression oozes from my pores. 


Kindness is priceless. 


Innocence a creation of the wicked...

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