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Be Still

Ponder the wonders of life….   The mysteries that await discovery

The things you know…  Yet have never seen nor heard

Feel for the essence of truth within you… Not in this 'screen' world of illusions and lies

But deep within the silence, silencing the crys


In the ether of your mind… Not the cable from the wall

Nor the confines of the net… Let infinity's confines fa...

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Switch on     

Tune in         

Press the button

Change channel

Let the light come

And watch the flickering pictures

Watch the people

And see their faces

Switch over when you’re bored

If you fancy the races

They’re on channel four

Change channel

Press the button

Try the running chasing action show

Although a murder mystery is more my style


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The Communications Trilogy Pt:1 Television

Hi everybody

 So I have written a trilogy of poems based on the subject of communication. I have rather inventively decided to call them The Communications Trilogy.

 The first on the Trilogy is Television, whilst I am someone who is generally pessimistic about the media and government and don't really believe a word of what we are told, I do suffer from a subconscious paranoia. Beaten i...

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