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I attempted suicide,

But I didn't die,

Not losing my life,

But what it means to be alive.

I'm drained of all motivation to continue,

But also of all strength to follow through,

I shouldn't be here,

It hurts, but it's true.

My days feel so long,

My existence feels so wrong,

I can't look at life the same,

Because I simply don't belong.

I can't be happy,

Or even...

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MOD ~ PTSD Part ii

MOD – PTSD    Part ii

‘They’ said that he was ‘shipshape’ A1, and good to go

So that’s precisely what this Trooper did, he left and went AWOL.


In the morning, the Captain asked me, “Nip to Thetford and retrieve

a naughty Trooper who’d been locked up, for being absent without leave."


Upon entering the police station and removing him from his cell

I then drove him back to...

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The black soul of a sinner,
in a numbing amphetamine haze,
listens to the screech of bats
and considers his end of days.
Sitting in the suicide dark
in Marion County, Tennessee,
he has followed the stumbling ghosts
of the Chickamauga Cherokee.
He listens to the whispering water
tempting him in that cave
where he thinks no one will find him
to lay flowers on his grave.


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