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Fade Away



It's been countless days since you left me,

And I know that… 


Like seashells dancing in the ocean

the tide that brought you in,

Came back and swept you away. 


Like clouds drifting in the sky, 

The wind that carried you in, 

Carried you past me and far away.


But it is the touch of time Lover,

The same hands of the clock that brought us togeth...

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forgetlostLovemoving on

King of No-Man's-Land

He's the king of No-Man's-Land,

a kingdom noone cares about.

He reigns so sovereign his town,

no man 's never gonna vote him out.


His people here are all left-overs

or left-alones or left-behinds.

The most grey-haired, of random beauty,

all bored to death and all resigned.


Some of them must've had a dream once -

but that has been long years ago -

must've got...

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My lost flower

The apple blossom that was

the scent of your hair,

the tint that lit up

every mournful evening sky

could only emanate from

your softly glistening skin.


I had hoped one day to wrap

you up and hold you tight

so, no harm should ever befall you.


My flower amongst the grasses.

My bloom amongst the stems.


I wanted to sigh and

watch your soft seed


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So do you still remember me across the tumbled years

Far off thoughts from far away places

Memories fading the pictures of our love

Do you ever think of me the way I do you

Of knowing stares and smiles and eyes that glitter

With no need for words as the loving thoughts just flitter

Warmth from head to heart, from heart to soul, into the bone

Do our thoughts bounce and join acr...

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Worst harvest

Coming home in a town that I don't know,
wandering through the streets near my house.
Stumble on the concrete torn by the flowers growing up,
forshadowed by the street lights.
Wasting away my days,
thinking about these things,
and I'm lost.

You're gone, and I can't find,
the right words to say,
please stay.
Sit on the balcony, thinking so endlessly,
about the sun rise.
Every new day of...

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lostpoetrystreet lights


entry picture





Is it a Curse .. or God's Grace 
To live alone heart and place 
Suffering what I always face 
Hopeless to be myself again 


Are these changes good for me 
To be lonely always or not to be 
To live away of what I see 
I lost my hope and brain 


Sadly to wake up and sleep 
Painful to feel yourself cheap 
Living alone hurts in deep 
I wish to know why, but in va...

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Dark heart

entry picture

They watch as her young heart fades into the darkness 

her wild youth disappears in front of there eyes 

moments of fear and hate runs through her like a dark black fog 

will she ever be the same? Will her heart ever heal? 

Take me back to the hot summer days when all I had was my innocence 

gone.  Just like that. Forever. 





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Bad dayslostnever to be found again.

Soul Mates & Muses

You found your 

soul mate?

I’m genuinely 

happy for you!


and unicorns 

are more common 

than soulmates. 

Please, do the lost 

and lonely among us 

a favor of great 


Make her 

your muse

so we can 

feel love too.

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Lost in time

entry picture

and then again I sailed in sorrow
a thousand times i'll do it again
in hopes that i'll find you tomorrow
in hopes that i'll see you again.

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