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A Fine Line between Living and Death

You do not exist anymore 

Scientifically speaking, 

You are absolutely nothing 

Unconscious, intangible, not there. 


You exist in my mind, 

Poetically speaking, 

You live on through that funny anecdote

Or recipe, your legacy, our memory.  


You are my tragic backstory, 

Therapeutically speaking, 

The key to solving why I am the way I am 

What you made me w...

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Dancing on the moon

You can hear the pitter patter of little feet 

But they are stomping on the clouds when it rains

And know its pouring and every tear the sky shares you feel that pain

Its not the best feeling but you cant run

Dont you think we know your playing up there fishing for stars and cooking with the big dipper

Catching fire flys then throwing them across the sky making us make false wishes


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Lost family

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