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A Christmas Cat

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Cool cat sat on the cold snow.

Coal black cat, Cheshire Cat grin,

Looking up to see within.

White flakes floating down, carpeting, covering all around.

Snow can cover such a multitude of sins.


Cool cat sat on the white mat,

Softly he began to hum a song.

He though of his lost love long gone

Over the seas to nonsense land.

There no snow but always winter,


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That Gal Gladys

entry picture

Tongue Twisting Twaddle

This one is for Don M. who bemoans the lack of serendipity on WOL and would like to see a bit more frippery.

That Gal Gladys

Could it be we take ourselves too seriously?

Maybe our pomp possy posing needs a little pricking, A little snacker snicking?

As Twiddly Thumb said to Twiddly Toe,

“That gal Gladys wuz really weird. Wherever did she go?”


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