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Potter Heigham Bridge

Albert got his big truck stuck

on top of the hump-back bridge.

The cop-on-a-bike come by

and he give him a ticket.

The old man who leans on the wall

and smukes his pipe all day

said what wus wrong

well the truck ‘us too long

and the bridge ‘us too steep.


Potter Heigham Bridge had a hump;

‘at was as humped as a cow’s rump

and though there wus a sign

‘at wus...

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What's a Mystery?

Why do key holes have no keys

Why do fairies have no tales

Can I dial the numbers please

Which is best, boys or girls

What’s a mystery?


If I had another Mum

Would I be another child

If I had another Dad

Where would my old daddy be

What’s a mystery?


Where do grown ups put the child

That they say that they used to be

Where did my Mummy find my Dad

In ...

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #33 {Ignoramus You}

{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #33} {Ignoramus You} 




Why are you

such a ignoramus

person in this life? 

Because you seem

to be a smart

person in general 

but now I am

wondering about

that `n` I don't

deal with 

ignoramus people

either you want to

chat or just keep

on ignoring me like

you have been doing

`n` it's strange how

you ...

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