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Set Adrift

It was, too soon, too quick and you were gone.
We set adrift upon the rising breeze.
To seek a place where loss did not belong.
We floated high among the swaying trees

Onward, toward, into the tempest’s gale.
The whirlwind took us beyond and away.
We cried a long collective howl and wail
Of love and loss with deep complete dismay.

But even in a raging hurricane 
There is an island eye...

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A Letter to Your Grave

Mind's clouded with disbelief
Eyes raining with tears
I can't laugh

Mem'ries are vivid clear
I met you in another world,
A man-made world

Everyday waiting for the screen to light up
For you to hit me up
And talk all night long

Because we board the same boat
As we read the same book,
Fandoms never different

We board the same boat
In two diff'rent countries
Like we were in a parallel u...

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death loss friend

Difference between mundane and heavenly

entry picture

I wrote a poem you'll never read
I'll sing a song you'll never hear
As the pictures on the wall starts to fade
As the dust invades the picture frames
And the seasons come and passed outside my window pane
I still hadn't learned a thing
Time passess as quickly as the clouds crossing from the endless of skies
Your name resonates in the eternal soul of mine
A mundane thing to do is to cry
A ...

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Song Of Your Underground

entry picture

Song Of Your Underground

This will be the song of your underground
A tune that will reach you six feet below
A tune that will reach you above and beyond
I hope you hear every note I sing

Your energy still gets the best of me
There are portraits of your face
Posted up on the timid walls of my mind
So I don't have to get over you

It's called death because it's the end
And there were moment...

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entry picture

The flickering flame

in the dream of your eyes,

is a glimmer of life

in a darkening sky.


But little heat remains

to warm the weary hearts

of those so slowly left

bereft and torn apart


A chill wind blows a tear

across the cooling fires,

a rain of lasting love falling

softly through life's briars


A trickle of silent sorrow

leaving trails on shall...

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Tell Them


What will you say?

When you, broken fingered and tearing your last breath from your stomach,

Have no-one to blame your disposition on.

When you lose your guts, and tell them you were always wrong.

Paying, to have this animal injected into you and the life sucked right out of you,

All the while, piecing together the broken moments of your life at science fiction Angles,


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death loss friend

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