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Flash Backs `N` Nightmares

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{Flash Backs `N` Nightmares} 




The bad flash backs `n` nightmares haunt's my life `n` mind `n` memory today it washes over my whole body almost crippling it like the first time it occurred it's purely agony on my poor old soul that I wish would disappear from me because it's a wrecking ball to my life today 



`N` I can still see the flash backs `n` nightmares of the bu...

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Drape The Flag Over My Casket

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{Drape The Flag Over My Casket} 



As I lost the war that I was facing but please deliver this message to my family and loved one's back in the states 


I am sorry that I couldn't make out of this nightmare but I'll always be flying with you only from heaven above now but I do miss you and love you all and please don't cry because this military woman is finally at peace and they ...

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