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Shes patient like a panther waiting for it’s prey 

She will pounce and puncture then pretend you got away 

She’ll hunt you down and eat you because that’s what she craves

Follow the drops of blood like Hansel and Grettel 

I’m the wicked witch and I’ll cook you in the kettle 

Bake you in the oven, I bet you melt like metal 

Bet you didn’t know this sweet girl was a rebel 


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Those Paintbrush Women

I think I’m addicted to acting the way,

Behaving the way,

I feel:


No, I never meant to-


No, I never intended to-


didn’t set out to break your heart

I think that it came naturally to me...

Snapping those heart strings it’s what


It’s what I’ve always done best.

Affection is a weapon they say,

Charm is a murderer they say,

The blood you lose...

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