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A Lifetime In A Fortnight

From the sparkling stars
lightening the way on 
dirt covered paths.
To the bristling fields on 
the mountains backs.
A few brief breaths in 
warmth’s embrace.
Gentle eyes carved in 
masculine grace.
We lived a lifetime,
in a fortnight.

Memories shall warm the 
coldest heart.
Even when fates time 
creates a lasting part.
When lonely wolves howl,
the scent of what was,
shall sprin...

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dreamsloveSweet Dreams Love Poem Poetry

The Gate

entry picture

By : Ali Taha Alnobani


Yesterday she invited me to see the moon in her garden
The wind tried to prevent me
Although I was sad, I walked under the rain
The gate was full of small doors and small cats were looking at me
Their shining eyes told me the tale of my baby
One night she was looking at the moon,
But a big cat with shining eyes got her dreams broken.

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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

In my last slumber
My soul cast a dream
In which my lost love
Reappeared to me
Clearing out the storm
Manipulating my heart

Her lips lush as life
The overcast cleared
As our eyes met
And hope
that this was real
Soon withered the distance
Away; We ran
To fufill our tethered dreams
We made love
Amongst the sun-soaked Lillies
And Forget-Me-Not's

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Sweet Dreams Love Poem Poetry

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