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An Unlived Life

Wished for a life I’ve always imagined

Granted a life I’ve always wanted

Forgive me for the life which I’ve merely wasted

How can I remember, what can I remember

Remember a life I’ve never lived?

Thankful of the life which I’ve never been

Treasures that it held but I’ve never seen

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Like a moth to a flame

Myself I have to blame
After declaring“I have severed
Our relation, intolerant to
Her theatrical and self-seeking love game!”
Back to square one, under
The pretext of sympathy, of course,
Buckling under her sight and voice
I acted the same,like a moth to a flame!

Though my siblings and friends
Advised, “A leech, if she has no other intent
Then, inconsiderate, she'll bleed you dry

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He lies on his semen stained mattress


Sickly womb light stumbles through his curtains

Casting pallid symphonies on his gaunt facade


In his mind

He sees a falcon

Drawing a muddy streak through the azure sky


He longs to be like that falcon

To be truly free


Not chained to his murderer

His silent assassin


The falcon descends

Its prey in si...

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wasted lives

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